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Discover timeless wisdom
with mystical teacher, Hope Johnson.

…and learn how you can apply that wisdom to your perceptions of present day relationships, situations, circumstances, jobs and roles.

“Hope Johnson has opened my eyes to what is real. Down to earth, accessible and wise. Hope is a powerful teacher. “

~ Rhonda R.

Mysticism and spiritual awareness with mystical Teacher Hope Johnson

Unschooling for Parents!

Protecting  Innocence

A Mystic’s Guide to Awakening with Children

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Hope’s “Cutting Edge” Parenting Book is Available Now available in e-book and Paperback formats. Audio expected to be Released July, 2019

Unschooling for Parents is now available in e-book and paperback formats. Audio Version is Coming Soon. This is a very different parenting Book based on mysticism by cutting edge mystical teacher, Hope Johnson.

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