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Unschooling for Parents

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Parenting Book is Available Now, available in e-book and Paperback formats.

Begin with the first chapter for free, aptly named Choiceless Parenting. Exposing that the world is a dream-like mental hallucination, and that no one is capable of making worldly choices.

Book Description - Unschooling for parents

This book is written for those who are interested in healing the root cause of feeling stressed, angry, frustrated, disappointed, irritated or afraid as a parent or as a caretaker to children. It’s also for those who are having spiritual awakenings whilst in the role of parent, and for those seeking enlightenment. 

This book offers an entirely different approach to what humans heretofore have named, ‘Parenting’. It’s aimed at dispelling conditioned beliefs around parenting, bringing the shared purpose of parent and child to awareness, deepening the connection between parents and children, and awakening the conditioned mind from its attraction to suffering. 

The title, Unschooling for Parents, was inspired by the author’s study of Unschooling as an alternative form of education for her children. Once she began applying unschooling principals to the anxiety she felt over what would become of her children, the author began to experience glimpses into what really causes upset feelings and how they can be resolved. 

Thereafter, the author was motivated to study the teachings of Jesus (from A Course In Miracles), Buddha, The Bhagavad Gita, yogic philosophy, quantum physics and others, which allowed her inner wisdom to be unveiled and which inspires her writing. This book offers an in-depth view at how the author applied spiritual wisdom, which led to total harmony in her mind and in her relationships, also known as enlightenment. 

Beginning with the first chapter, aptly named Choiceless Parenting, the reader is exposed to the fact that the world is a dream-like mental hallucination, and that no one is capable of making worldly choices. But the reader isn’t just presented with lofty concepts as if holding a conceptual version of the truth is enough to heal deeply embedded patterns of pain. 

The author draws on her personal experiences and her access to existential wisdom to lovingly guide the reader through the process of undoing their conditioning around education, chores, annoyance, violence, bullying, complaining, responsibility and more. Throughout this book, the reader is presented with important guidance which, if applied, can help resolve their mind’s attraction to suffering and allow their relationships to be healed completely. Moreover, the author dispels the myth that one has to travel to a secluded place far away from their family to attain enlightenment. 

To the contrary, her book encourages and inspires the reader to go through their sufferings with their children, instead of temporarily diminishing the feeling of suffering by avoiding or controlling their children.In short, the author handily demystifies lofty and esoteric teachings by demonstrating how they can be applied to the mundane arena of parenting. Her book is presented in easily digestible chapters which the reader can use to invoke their inner own wisdom and awaken to the greater purpose and joy of parenting.

Book Reviews - Unschooling for parents

Michelle McClellan ​
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"Love shines throughout Unschooling for Parents and the words are a healing balm for my heart.

As a former teacher of 10 years, I believe this book to be essential reading for parents of any age. Hope offers Wisdom to recognize our perceptions, heal guilt, and tune in to the feelings of our manifested experiences. Wow ! What a gift to give to those we most treasure.

Though my children are in their mid-twenties, I revisited my perceived trials as a single mother often. Reading Unschooling for Parents presents repeated opportunities to heal inaccurate beliefs, forgive myself and my children, and Be Free!

Unschooling for Parents and Wisdom Dialogues offers a loving playground to explore our own Awakening. Mahalo nui loa Hope for this precious gift."
Tiger Singleton
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“Oh my goodness, Hope’s book is so full of profound insight. Whatever your relationship dynamic might be, if your heart is open, this book just might expose the beautiful opportunity of whatever conflict you might be experiencing.”
Bob Shine
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"What Hope is describing is genuine love, not the illusion of pseudo love tinged with fear. We have the Bible’s New Testament which is the greatest love story ever told.

Jesus demonstrated living the law of love. And if we didn’t have the four gospels we wouldn’t know what he meant by love. Now we have Hope Johnson in our midst and she exemplifies genuine Christ love for our modern era.

She describes how she blundered through all of the painful, fear-based illusions with her children before she awakened out of her dream of separation, setting herself and her family free with non-judgmental allowing, divine will, angelic help, and choiceless awareness. Hope is chock-full of love, appreciation, gratitude, joy, and laughter."
Jill Renee Walton
Intuitive Counselor, Educator, and Ceremonialist
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"Hope Johnson leads us on an amazing journey in her book, Unschooling for Parents. At the core of this method is the right of everyone in the family, children included, to be motivated by inspiration rather than from obligation that seems imposed by the outer world. Within this, is the belief that our children have a powerful inner guidance that we can trust!

"Children are formed to express the Spirit of Freedom and inspire everyone to free
themselves from the tyranny of a confused mind." Hope Johnson

Yes, this book is cutting edge! Hope uses stories from her own life to better reveal her outstanding perspective and how she attained it. She writes that most of us don't even know the difference between reality and illusion! Good thing one chapter is called, "The Way to Enlightenment"!

Hope covers a wide range of pertinent parental topics: Respect, Shame, Forgiveness, Bullying, Nonviolence, Complaining, True Responsibility, etc. She gives helpful guidelines and step by step approaches for deeper understanding and encouragement. Every sentence written with Love.

This book calls families to greater happiness and deeper connections, I encourage you to read and savor, Unschooling for Parents."


Out of all the books Hope has read, these are the ones that seem to have inspired her the most with regard to the topics covered in the book, “Unschooling for Parents.” All of these titles are links to books that can be purchased on

Begin with the first chapter for free, aptly named Choiceless Parenting. Exposing that the world is a dream-like mental hallucination, and that no one is capable of making worldly choices.

Written for the parent or child caretaker, who is interested in healing the root cause of suffering. 

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