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How to Be Productive Without Effort

I know this might sound counterintuitive, but when it seems like it’s a struggle to get things accomplished, you don’t need to work harder or set better intentions. You are exhausted from working yourself into an imagined predicament, and you need mental relaxation.

Being the master of your own mind includes an awareness of what everything is meant to be used for. It doesn’t matter what you do or whether you ever reach any of your imagined goals. The purpose of this life is only loving and learning how to restore our shared mind to sanity.

Having goals is not a problem. It’s a natural effect of dreaming that you are separate from your creator. Yet, getting attached to whether we accomplish our goals leads to distraction, procrastination, confusion, and depression.

It seems like a “grind” or a struggle for people to advance toward their goals because they feel responsible for their own advancement, and that feeling is based on a falsehood.

Look, and you will see that thinking you should be more productive hurts your mind. That’s because you are not meant to feel responsible for accomplishing anything. You are created for loving and being loved, and whenever you are willing to make that your only purpose, the goal of creation is being accomplished through you.

Moreover, your goals in the world were never your goals. Imaginary goals are only meant for charting your path in a dream life. Advancement toward them only occurs to the extent that such advancement is maximally beneficial for accomplishing our shared goal of awakening from the effects of our misbelief.

Interestingly, when people are detached from their imaginary goals and released from responsibility for accomplishing things, they seem to accomplish everything with ease, contentment, and efficiency. Whether they seem to achieve a lot or a little, they are wholly grateful for whatever they seem to do, and they are not moved by other people’s opinions.

Whether you can (or even want to) pick up what I’m laying down right now, you will eventually become aware that whatever needs to get accomplished is already being accomplished. Go ahead and lean gently in the direction of this idea if it appeals to you now.¬†

To assist with the process of ease becoming your reality, I make essential oil blends. I have found essential oils to be wonderful companions for awakening. This article was inspired by Mastermind Essential Oil Blend essential Oil blend with potent and pure Lemon, Peppermint, and Rosemary essential oils. This blend is invigorating, clearing, and it supports memory and cognitive functions.

To be successful means relaxing into the flow of life and letting it carry you effortlessly through all of your seeming accomplishments. You are so deserving of this!