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Hope’s Social Media Digest, October 2019


You won’t find yourself condemning people unless you wanted to project the idea that you are better than them.
Perception reflects what you taught. It’s not meant to teach you what reality is.
The past is a mental story being projected now. Life is now and only love is real.
Love and death cannot be accepted together. Whoever believes in death doesn’t know love.
All that can be perceived is evidence of the separation that never happened.
Belief in death is arrogance. It’s only justified by perception, which is a self-projected defense against reality.
You’ll get what you want when you want what you’ve got.
Anticipation of problems causes problems to occur.
Caring or not caring is not up to you. It’s only up to you to love.
When you’re certain of the outcome, you won’t mind how long it takes to be revealed.

There is no male nor female, rich nor poor, young nor old, beautiful nor ugly, light nor heavy.

God is within everyone and everything, and all you want is God’s love, which is given to you as soon as you’re willing to stop making your distinctions matter.


You are using your perception to distract yourself if you think failure is bad and avoiding failure is good. 

This kind of thinking is guided by the ego. It gives your creative power over to fear and multiplies illusions of failure. 

There is no failure. There are only lessons. Be glad that everything is unfolding as it should.


To me, an open relationship is not about having sex with different people. Neither of us has had any desire for that.

It’s about constantly surrendering the perceived need to control, manipulate or influence each other’s thoughts words or actions.

My man and I think differently on many things, but it occurred to me that we may have been attracting each other for over 25 years because we each have a sense that our relationship is for liberating our shared mind…not for meeting our separate desires.


Excerpt from a book that’s taking form.

“I knew that when people weren’t showing up for me in a way that felt supportive it was only because I didn’t feel deserving. It took me a couple of years of sitting with discomfort in the illusion of time to feel so deserving, which is a relatively short period of time considering that the feeling of undeserving has been passed down over millennia.

Those years of offering Wisdom Dialogues while accepting and responding to arguments represents a powerful learning process whereby I knew that it was a blessing to feel unworthy of support. During that process, I was consistently offering willingness to feel the emotional discomfort that was arising in me while denying truth to the thoughts that seemed to justify the discomfort.”


“Trying to get certain people to behave certain ways, or love you in a certain way, or be a certain way to you, is demonstrating lack of trust, lack of acceptance of where your love really comes from; who really loves you. It’s not coming from people. When you have the perception of people loving you, that’s still having the perception of God’s love. That’s what’s coming back to you. You’re receiving it for yourself, and then you’re sending out messengers to bring it back to you. That’s all.” – Excerpt from Wisdom Dialogue “Needing Nothing”


Nothing has changed your innocence

“It seems like stuff is happening it is not happening. Everyone dreaming is completely innocent. Everyone in dreaming is completely innocent. The only purpose of the body is for, is demonstrating to everyone including yourself, that you’re only innocent and nothing that you seem to do in the dream has changed that at all. The body, that includes all of the bodies thought, it’s fully projected by the mind and it’s for the body, in the physical sense it’s a brain interpretation of energy. But it’s only interpreted for the body sense, which you’re not. “


Allowing your Support

If you feel unsupported, it’s not because people aren’t supporting you.

All people are doing is supporting you! They are doing and saying exactly what you need at exactly the right time.

It’s as if you asked them to perform an act for you, to help you either uphold the illusion of fear or share in the reality of love, depending on which world you prefer to look upon.

An apparently unsupportive person projects a guilty self-belief so that you can become aware of a guilty self-belief being projected by you.

The other person does not need their guilty self-belief and neither do you have any need for yours. Rest assured that if you perceive lack of support from anyone, you are not seeing yourself or them clearly.

If you release them from your condemnation it releases both of you. In this way, you allow the people in your dream to demonstrate their support.


You cannot identify with matter and spirit simultaneously.

Such an attempt reduces spirit to an illusion in your mind, thus making your deathless reality out to be an impossible dream.

Spiritual sight will remain elusive until you are willing to deny reality to matter, which blinds you.


You don’t know who you are. 🌸

If you knew, you wouldn’t see a world with seemingly separate beings having seemingly separate interests.


“Just the idea that you have needs makes you into this limited thing. And sex, it’s just one of those things that’s a huge blinder for people.”


It’s not about what you do. It’s about allowing more compassion and peace of mind.


What you think you want can never satisfy you.

How you think that person, place or thing will make you feel is available to you now, and that feeling will come upon you as soon as you’re fully willing to deny power to illusions.


All Pain is Past

Past pain is an illusion being projected now, and all pain is past.

It’s impossible to know the ecstasy you are while you insist that you are right about things that hurt and have no meaning.

Now, there can be no pain for you, unless you value being right over being without pain.

There is no healing for pain because pain does not exist, but the self-belief that causes the illusion of pain is already healed.

To accept that healing for yourself takes a little bit of willingness to accept that you are wrong about what’s causing you pain.

Once you are made aware of its cause the perception of pain cannot persist.


This make-believe world is for undoing the dream of separation. That’s all it’s for!


You can only see people, places and things a way in which you’re presently Willing to see yourself. 

You can also choose to surrender the will that you made with ego in exchange for the will of God, which is truly your will. 

In this way, everyone gets released from your condemnation, including yourself.


Any guilt that you seem to hold out for another is reflective of the guilty self-belief that you secretly wish to keep for yourself.

To be aware of this is enough. No need to hold it against yourself.

Just don’t try to hide it from your sight. Because your sight, which is light, will immediately correct your belief in ideas that are against yourself, as soon as you dare to look upon them.


“It always comes to what is this for. You can use that for looking at these thoughts that come up that say you shouldn’t be doing that. You don’t have a choice in what you do but it’s all being given to you. You could say whatever you perceive yourself doing, that’s what’s being given to you. You’re not doing it, it’s being given to you as a perception. So now you can use that right now to undo this guilty self-belief, and the way that it gets undone, number one: Just getting the feeling of “I’m procrastinating, why am I not doing that”, just getting the feeling of anxiety and letting it all be okay, and things get revealed to you that way.” – Excerpt from Wisdom Dialogue “Denying Reality to Death”


“You can use that right now to undo this guilty self-belief, and the way that it gets undone, number one: Just getting the feeling of “I’m procrastinating, why am I not doing that”, just getting the feeling of anxiety and letting it all be okay, and things get revealed to you that way. It really comes down to willingness. That’s why I keep saying it’s on not really a practice per se, like you would think of as a regular practice because its willingness, in the moment, as a thought arising going “you shouldn’t be doing this, what’s your husband gonna think”, “what if he divorces you, he didn’t marry a lazy person, but now you’re lazy”. Whatever is arising like that, and to just let all of those things wash over you. And I could feel it in that four-month period where I’m laying around, that this is very healing. When you know there’s healing happening through whatever perception…

There’s no such thing as procrastination if you’re using everything for healing. The procrastination is being used for that as well.


Everyone feels guilty for believing they have separated themselves from their Source. It is the reason why we can perceive ourselves as separate. The sense of separation is just an extrapolation of the guilty feeling. It is being played out so we can heal the underlying cause of it.

When kids seem to show disrespect, we can notice our reaction and love it up. It is not a matter of how you should behave with your kids. You just love those reactions up. You will not find yourself trying to convince them they are guilty because you are healing what’s causing you to feel guilty, which makes you very kind.

It goes for any kind of disrespect. You get the reaction and allow compassion for that reaction within you. Watch your breath and feeling, remember what’s true and be willing to make a choice for love.

(Noted from Lifting the Veil)


The ego’s story is about how your perception is there to stay. However, the perception is shifty. It is not held in place by thought.

It is such a great opportunity. Every time something comes up, you can be willing to see it is a pattern that keeps playing out. You can let yourself be in the sweet spot of just feeling how it is.

However, these thoughts come in and tell us, “This is how it is always going to be.” It is the ego talking, “This is how it has been and this is how it is going to be.”

It is very hard to see in the moment because of the defensiveness that’s meant to keep you in conflict with another. It is because it’s what gives the ego life.

The ego is fighting for its life by keeping you in conflict with people. So, these conflicted interactions can be repurposed for healing.

When you allow yourself to be excited about it like, “Yes, this is exactly what I need,” and you are sincerely thankful for it and you watch your projections of wishing they were different, you’ll notice that you’re engaging in an attack orchestrated by the ego.

In fact, the people you are fighting against are very different from the way you see them. They are already protected from all of your attacks whereby you make them out to be something that you despise.

(Noted from Lifting the Veil)

Worldly Seeking:

This make-believe world is for undoing the dream of separation. That’s all it’s for!


: “This idea of “love what is”, you don’t fuckin’ know what is first. You think that what you’re having a perception is ‘what is’ – it’s not. That’s ‘what is not’. Whatever you’re having a perception of, that’s ‘what is not’. What is is the opposite. You’re not limited, you’re not guilty, you’re not separate, you don’t owe anyone anything – it’s the opposite of what it tries to represent to you, the complete opposite of that. Be willing to know yourself as that, more as what you are. None of us know ourselves completely otherwise we wouldn’t be able to do this on zoom, nor would we want to, we wouldn’t need to, right. The insanity is getting less and less and less, but it takes insanity to hold the body propped up, cropped up in a dream like that, so as that gets worn away, worn down, and we’re seeing each other more clearly, then we’re not afraid of each other, and we’re not making illusions of harming each other. We no longer live in a world where we feel like there’s violence outside of ourselves.” – Excerpt from Wisdom Dialogue “Let the world spin”


This Morning’s Q&A:

Q: Hope, what do you do if you are really not getting along with someone you love? And a pattern develops of someone getting upset with you every time you are together. You love this person. You want to support this person in every possible way. But when you get together, they find fault, blame, or criticize you…you see the person as your self, and you are aware that you are making it all up but fact remains….we got one person who keeps getting upset again and again and again

A: People are images in a dream, entirely made of your self belief. Beneath the image of them which you are projecting, their mind is innocent, fully sane and not separate from yours. They are also dreaming you up in a way that you are not. Your willingness to look past appearances will give you clarity and the ability to recognize the call for love and allow it to be answered through you, for both of you.


Q: What is your take on fake it till you make it? For example, faking your confidence in trusting spirit & speaking truth even if you don’t necessarily believe it yet? I practiced faking confidence when I was younger until I found myself outgoing & it seemed to work, but am unsure if that’s lying to myself.

A: It works because you’re not really faking it. You DO have the confidence and trust. What seems to not have the confidence and trust is the fake-out.


Love Never Fails

You can predict that your business, marriage or parenting is going to fail and focus on protecting yourself against failure, or you can pour your love into it and let the outcome take care of itself.

There are no wrong outcomes, but many of you are making it very difficult on yourselves by believing that there are wrong outcomes.

Your perception of failure as actual failure is an error based on fearful misidentification. Any effort that’s projected out of such a mindset can only lead to more perceptions of failure so that you can use those perceptions to avoid love and play out self-deception.

You may think you can win if you save something that’s “good for you” and avoid something that’s “bad for you”, but while you focus on getting what you think you need and avoiding what you think you don’t need, you use your perception to uphold illusions and deny that only love is real.

Your willingness to witness this play of deception within yourself will allow it to get healed. It will give you the courage to love through adversity until you are no longer capable of looking upon adversity because you no longer harbor a secret wish for it.


If you find yourself being treated unfairly it’s because you have believed in the egoic thought that you have been unfair. 

To the ego, being treated unfairly is the fair punishment that you deserve for having been unfair. 

Whenever you perceive unfairness being done to you or anyone else, the ego’s voice demands that you hold people responsible for it, as if they were capable of doing something without your authority. 

In this way, you will be treated unfairly over and ever again until death, which is the ultimate illusion of unfairness. The way out of unfairness and death is forgiveness for the thought that you have been unfair. 

How? By a little bit of willingness to look past manifestations of unfairness and recognize the innocence of those who seem to have done you wrong. 

Their innocence is yours. Are you willing to see yourself clearly?


The ego cannot accept life without death because real life is death according to the ego.


How do we dissolve our ego, because my ego is real tired of itself?

This is a very intelligent way of looking at it because you are not tired of anything, it’s the ego that gets tired of always getting these bad results. But at the same time, the ego is built on fear and that is fear of Reality. Because to the ego, Reality is sudden death. That’s why the ego is coming up and getting tired, because as the ego gets tired, and that’s believed in, you tend to be guided by ego ways, ego methods of solving this problem and, the ego’s mantra is: “Seek but do not find”. So the ego will take you on all kinds of trips to dissolve itself.


How to dissolve our ego?

How do we dissolve our ego, because my ego is real tired of itself?

This is a very intelligent way of looking at it because you are not tired of anything, it’s the ego that gets tired of always getting these bad results. But at the same time, the ego is built on fear and that is fear of Reality. Because to the ego, Reality is sudden death. That’s why the ego is coming up and getting tired, because as the ego gets tired, and that’s believed in, you tend to be guided by ego ways, ego methods of solving this problem and, the ego’s mantra is: “Seek but do not find”. So the ego will take you on all kinds of trips to dissolve itself.


How to stay unhooked at all times?

Well, you don’t really want that, see? Anything the ego puts forth as what you want… And how to know that it’s an ego want and not a true desire – is that it has something to do with how you should be, which is in this case, how things should be, how people should be, like if something’s wrong, so it needs to be fixed.

The one true desire is the desire that’s put in the mind immediately, as it’s taken as if you separated yourself. The desire that’s put in the mind is your true desire; it’s just to restore your mind to sanity. Getting hooked is part of it because you’re not really hooked, you’re actually having a dream. You’re dreaming that you’re hooked. It’s like watching that which’s trying to tell you: “I’m hooked” and have a laugh at it because you’re not. You get the perception that you are. I’m getting the perception that “I’m hooked”. So glad that I’m actually not. That’s fun!


Here’s the thing about intentions: Intentions have to do with a future and they arise by themselves. This doesn’t have anything to do with you. This is just something that occurs. It’s like a thought; it’s just like an occurrent thought, an intention. And see if you identify with that, that’s more body identification. It’s like big ego’s like: “Hohoh, go ahead and set an intention”. You know, either you’re gonna get pride, because you followed through, or you’re gonna get shamed because it didn’t quite work out. And that’s the way an intention works from the ego’s perspective. So what’s way more effective than intention? It is willingness, and willingness is in the present moment only, see?


Empathy, offered as an attempt to understand another person’s suffering is how to make suffering real and deny communication in favor of projection.

Indeed, it’s impossible to understand anyone’s ego without employing the ego.

But empathy offered as willingness to look past the suffering being perceived allows what caused the illusion of suffering to be undone, and your relationship to be made holy.


What looks like conflict between people is an effect of ego-driven mind using images of people to project its conflict with you.


The ego loves the body because it promises death. The ego’s love is meant to be a substitute for God’s love, who knows not of the body you made as a graven image of yourself.

The only real protection that can be had for the body comes through using it to deny reality to the body and to its world.

Using it for any other purpose such as to get what you think you want or to attack or disparage anyone sets it up for sickness, decay, injury, and death.

You are pure awareness, dreaming of a body and its world but not residing in either. Your home is in eternity which you never left, but which you cannot see because of your choice and determination to see evidence that you are guilty and unworthy of love.

As you use your determination to deny truth to the evidence of your unworthiness, your mind will get healed and your body projection will be a testament to your healed mind.

But of itself, as a separate entity, there is no healing for bodies.


It is time to make a commitment to see what you are thinking. Notice what it is you are thinking because all you can perceive is a manifestation of thoughts. All of what occurs to you is the result of your choice to give reality to thoughts.

When you get to the point where you had enough suffering, you get really alert and watch your thoughts arise. You notice which ones you are following and what’s causing them.

There is no cause outside of yourself for anxiety, confusion or questioning. You don’t have any questions unless you are following thoughts that are modifying yourself away from who you are. Basically, those thoughts are making a mockery of you and you are buying into them.

You have to be willing to see this. There is a fear and defensiveness saying, “I don’t want it.” So, if you don’t want it, you have to take responsibility for having made the choice to go down the dark road when you felt worked about a perceived problem.

Nothing can do this to you. So, you can laugh about it because it is like a performance you play out by putting these thoughts on like they are costumes. The ego will say that you are this or that and you can’t be your own light. However, you can always be the light instead of the image you painted of yourself.

(Noted from Lifting the Veil)


The ego’s story is about how your perception is there to stay. However, the perception is shifty. It is not held in place by thought.

It is such a great opportunity. Every time something comes up, you can be willing to see it is a pattern that keeps playing out. You can let yourself be in the sweet spot of just feeling how it is.

However, these thoughts come in and tell us, “This is how it is always going to be.” It is the ego talking, “This is how it has been and this is how it is going to be.”

It is very hard to see in the moment because of the defensiveness that’s meant to keep you in conflict with another. It is because it’s what gives the ego life.

The ego is fighting for its life by keeping you in conflict with people. So, these conflicted interactions can be repurposed for healing.

When you allow yourself to be excited about it like, “Yes, this is exactly what I need,” and you are sincerely thankful for it and you watch your projections of wishing they were different, you’ll notice that you’re engaging in an attack orchestrated by the ego.

In fact, the people you are fighting against are very different from the way you see them. They are already protected from all of your attacks whereby you make them out to be something that you despise.

(Noted from Lifting the Veil)


When people are projecting conflict they tend to appear threatening.

Willingness to deny truth to appearances allows you to recognize the call for love and accept the answer for both of you.

Why am I afraid to face reality? Because reality is fearful to those who feel guilty.

Why is there this sense of guilt? Because of believing in the idea that separation happened and that you caused it.

What if I don’t feel guilty? You may not feel it until you can see what feeling you are avoiding when you believe in a guilty projection. (Eventually, that will stop seeming to work out for you.)

What does a guilty projection look like? Thought offerings that separate people and make them guilty, deny who you are and deny who others are to you. (Thoughts that are commonly considered normal, and even healthy)

How do I avoid projecting? Projecting cannot be avoided, but it can be undone. Use the power of denial to deny any truth to your mind’s guilty projections, whether they seem to be about yourself of others.

Won’t that be putting myself in danger of being taken advantage of and abused? No. It’s the ultimate safety.

How do you know? Experience


All that can be forgiven is your illusions.

There is nothing that’s not reflecting what you wish you were.


The perception of narcissism within another or within oneself is the result of attempting to endow the mind with destructive qualities.

Healing what causes the illusion of narcissism is based on acknowledgement that there is no narcissist, but that the narcissist being perceived is only an image of that which your mind is attempting to make real.


Last week it felt like I had depression for a couple of hours. It was awesome! It was big! I felt like it was time for me to sit still and there were other things going on, too. In kicking back and watching the sensations arise and unfold, I recognized I don’t belong there and it is not my place. It was like walking through depression in a healing way because I recognized what it was and I couldn’t be affected by it.

It was a healing thing for me and I was happy. When a sense of depression arises for me, I feel happy about it. My face may be frowning but inside, I am laughing big.

Joy is a pure expression. You don’t get joy from things that arise or from illusions. You can get a sense of fleeting happiness from illusions but the inner joy is always there, almost like a well. If that’s not popping up, it is your cue to stay on purpose in recognizing what is going on and not getting entangled as if it means something about you.

(Noted from Lifting the Veil)


Love what is

“This idea of “love what is”, you don’t fuckin’ know what is first. You think that what you’re having a perception is ‘what is’ – it’s not. That’s ‘what is not’. Whatever you’re having a perception of, that’s ‘what is not’. What is is the opposite. You’re not limited, you’re not guilty, you’re not separate, you don’t owe anyone anything – it’s the opposite of what it tries to represent to you, the complete opposite of that. Be willing to know yourself as that, more as what you are. None of us know ourselves completely otherwise we wouldn’t be able to do this on zoom, nor would we want to, we wouldn’t need to, right. The insanity is getting less and less and less, but it takes insanity to hold the body propped up, cropped up in a dream like that, so as that gets worn away, worn down, and we’re seeing each other more clearly, then we’re not afraid of each other, and we’re not making illusions of harming each other. We no longer live in a world where we feel like there’s violence outside of ourselves.”


To practice judging situations and then determining your response to them is to practice self-attack.

But to practice allowing judgment to pass you by is how perceived situations get used for healing their cause.


There is no real patriarchy.

The illusion of it is made out of unwillingness to take responsibility for thinking against reality.


True Identity:

“Any perceived story is for the same thing, it’s for seeing through it, is for recognizing the truth, and all it takes to recognize the truth is willingness. Are you willing to deny truth to that illusion?
You’ll notice a heaviness when you get a body reaction, you get a physical reaction – and remember even physical reactions, they’re mental projections, you just feel them physically. You get this really physical reaction to something and it seems like that thing is really real, and it’s like there’s some pressure on you now. It’s like you’ve taken on some fearful thought and now you feel a little bit irritated – and just noticing that you’re taking on this thing that’s just swirling around and really being taken care of all by itself. It doesn’t even need you to get emotional over it at all. It’s just playing out and then there are all these other stories, and it’s swirling around like this, and just let it swirl around. It’s like there’s this mind that wants to get into that – it sees this tornado and wants to just dive into that tornado and get all fucked up and swung around the wind and stuff. You come off the ride you’re like “whoa that was intense”. You’re all tore back after that, when you can just let that spinning, spin, spin, spin, and let it take care of itself – let all the different voices talk to themselves.” – Excerpt from Wisdom Dialogue “Let the world spin”

Feeling sorry for a person who appears to be sick multiplies illusions of sickness. It’s the polar opposite of what’s needed for healing.

To truly heal the sick takes willingness to admit that sickness is a hallucination, which has no justifiable basis and no reality.

Such willingness will bring you joy, and feeling joy in the face of perceived sickness is what it takes heal its cause.

Body Illusions:

Sickness isn’t real. It’s like a mathematical result of attempting to make the body real.


The body is not capable of loving or being loved. It has no intelligence and is the home to no one.

The body is a projected mental device for perceiving the thought of separation made manifest.

What loves the body does not know what love is. It secretly hates the body and seeks for love in that which promises death.

To know true love, the kind that promises eternal life, takes willingness to deny reality to the body and its world of illusions.

To deny reality to the body, you don’t have to do anything different. For instance, you may still find yourself eating healthy even though it has no real effects.

The denial occurs on the level of thinking, not doing. Deny truth to the evidence that you have made to prop the body up as intelligent, vulnerable and having needs.

Consistent denial of the body illusion will bring about true perception, which will allow you to receive the love of God and extend it to those who are still in bondage.


Just the idea that you have needs makes you into this limited thing. And sex, it’s just one of those things that’ll a huge blinder for people. Because it seems to be like a need; it seems to be like a real need. It seems in our country, the United States, our apparent need for food and water is met. Now we’re coming up with something else. “Oh but now I need sex too”. [Laughter] And then when you’re having sex all the time, you need something else, and another needs going to pop up, as long as you take needs to be true. ⁠⠀⠀

​​And that’s the whole illusion. The whole illusion is meant to show you that you have needs that are not being met because that’s what upholds this guilt that you’re projecting for yourself. And without that guilty self-conscious, without that guilty idea about yourself, you’re awake in heaven.


“It seems like stuff is happening. It is not happening. Everyone dreaming is completely innocent. Everyone in dreaming is completely innocent. The only purpose of the body is for, is demonstrating to everyone, including yourself, that you’re only innocent and nothing that you seem to do in the dream has changed that at all. The body, that includes all of the body’s thought, it’s fully projected by the mind and it’s for the body, in the physical sense it’s a brain interpretation of energy. But it’s only interpreted for the body sense, which you’re not. That’s why it’s not about you, nothing that you perceive is about you, it doesn’t really concern you, so you don’t have to be concerned… it’s gonna play out the way it needs to play out, that’s why there’s never anything to worry over.” – Excerpt from Wisdom Dialogue “Let the world spin”


There’s no suffering that goes unhealed because there is no suffering that’s real.

But trying to understand suffering makes it real for you, which multiplies your illusions of suffering.

The decision to look past such illusions begins the process of restoring your mind to sanity until illusions of suffering can be seen no more.


Liberation is so simple that it’s difficult for most people to accept.


It’s not that you dislike people, but you project your dislike of what you made of yourself onto them.


You cannot be afraid of anyone without having faith that they are separate from you.


One person is not really more difficult than another. Resisting your own reactions is what makes the perception of difficult people.

It’s not personal, and the difficulty is not coming from the person. It’s only coming from your mind.


This world is one performance. Just don’t identify as an individual performer, or there will appear to be other performers who react negatively to you.When you perceive people reacting negatively to you, that’s for healing the sense that the performance is real and that you are apart from the other performers.Your body and rest of the world are orchestrated by the same mind. Your willingness to see all as one equals healing for all.


I believe in your innocence, sanity and in our shared interest. If I’m perceiving something else, that’s my mistake.

Specifically, I must have made an image of myself that’s vulnerable to insanity and wanted to hide that image from my sight. That’s why I projected it onto you.

I made you my scapegoat, thinking you would carry that fearful image far away from me.

I’m willing to have my mistake corrected so that our shared minds can be joined as one in perfect peace.

You don’t need to change in order for me to accept your gift. In fact, please keep expressing as you do so that I can perceive the dark places in me that call for healing.


To the gentle at heart the world is gentle. To the kindhearted, the world is kind.


Love is invulnerable to the perceived world.

You are love.


Love is invulnerable to the perceived world.

You are love.


How Do I Get My Kids To…

The idea of getting your kids to do, or not do, something is an idea that’s meant to make you and your kids miserable. It puts a lot of pressure on the parent as if they are responsible for their kid’s actions and from that the child learns how to be a slave to the physical world.

In fact, the parent who thinks they need to get their kids to do, or not do, something learned how to be a slave to the physical world as a child and they are teaching the same thing over and over again.

Nothing happens and no one does anything. So, finding yourself afflicted by thoughts about getting people to do, or not do, something is an awesome opportunity to heal the underlying belief that says the physical world is real and you are a slave to it.

How do you heal from that? Feel the effect of the thought “How do I get my kids to…” and admit that you are projecting that thought to put limitations on yourself and make the physical world seem valid.

The physical is the manifestation of an emotional ride and if you’re willing to get the emotional effect of thinking in terms of limitation and separation, you will be supported in breaking through the appearances and you will discover how to live in love.

People often ask me, “Then how do you get your kids to clean their room or brush their teeth?” I don’t. I may find myself saying something, but I don’t entertain the thought that I need to get them to do something.

It’s more like watching a show for me, as in, I allow all words and actions to arise spontaneously. I don’t find myself in any kind of struggle about how to get my kids to do things or fear of them not doing things.

Only love matters and everything else is meaningless. My only purpose is to demonstrate that and I enjoy the fruits of it every day.

Note – If you’re new to this way of thinking, this is not something that you are likely to get right away. But if you’re willing, just let your heart be open to it and your inner teacher will guide you along the way.


You give yourself the consequences you think you give to your children.


One of my new friends commented to me that parents should be unschooled before they unschool their kids.

I would say that Unschooling is impossible for Parents who are still committed to society’s belief systems.

Many times the parent doesn’t even know they’re so committed. They think they’re Unschooling, but they’re really still Schooling in that they’re laying down all kinds of restrictions on their kids.

One such restriction I’ve seen is pressuring them not to choose school. Another is condemning and disallowing electronics. Yet another is making them eat “healthy”.

To me, the whole point of Unschooling is offering our children freedom and supporting their creativity. But that’s impossible while the parent isn’t willing to allow the same for themselves.

In my case we unschooled together and I wish to continue Unschooling until the conditioned world disappears from our sight.


More Adventures as an Unschooling Surrogate Mom

Dillon is ready to return home. He isn’t perceiving his family as a threat anymore and he feels ready to reintegrate with their programs. Hooray!!When he first came to us, Dillon was extremely fearful. His little body would become stiff and he would become breathless while rapidly repeating that he was sorry, because he was afraid that he was going to “get in trouble”.

It occurred to me that he expected his behavior to earn him punishment and that he actively sought punishment even though he thought (and acted as if) he didn’t want it.

Once Dillon realized that nothing he perceived himself doing ever got him any punishment, his behavior changed significantly and quickly.

In fact, my older son asked me why his family was having a problem with him, commenting that he didn’t seem to be much trouble.

By the end of the first week, Dillon became adamant that he never wanted to return home. But he recently changed his mind about that.

His decision to return home came after Dillon had two instances of hallucinating loud screaming in his mind and images of the world encroaching upon him.

On the surface, it appeared as if staying up most of the night watching YouTube caused the hallucinating, but the motivation for staying up at night was only fear. That’s why it seemed to have fearful effects.

During the hallucinating, Dillon asked me how to make it stop and I related to him how to go through the fear, while I layed my hand on him and reminded him that he was safe. He relaxed within a few minutes and fell asleep.

The second instance seemed to be less intense and also seemed to subside sooner than the first, but after that Dillon’s fear of hallucinating again was multiplied.

Dillon told me that he realized he needs to have structure and punishments imposed upon him because it keeps him safe and healthy.

Such is a very good example of how people tend to cling to known fear rather than face unknown fear which arises on the path to greater freedom. The same is in no way any problem, as one can only accept as much freedom as they are ready for.

Many times a gradual release of fear is more easeful for people, as is the case with Dillon.

After Dillon related to me that he was afraid to fall asleep alone in his room, I’ve been sleeping with him every night so that while he’s with us he can feel safe enough to go to sleep before he passes out from exhaustion.

I’ve also told Dillon that I’m happy to sleep with him every night until he goes home. That seemed to put his mind at ease and he seems happy to be sleeping at night, yet he still “can’t wait” to go back home.

For the past few nights, he’s been making a big scene, acting like he’s distressed from fear and really wants to go home. Last night I told him if that’s the case, I’m taking him to the airport right away.  He changed his mind and calmed down immediately because he really doesn’t want to go home before his birthday party, next Friday. 

It’s fun to see how fear is immediately resolved when it’s seen that it’s not getting us what we want!! lol!

Aside from the craving for rules and punishments, Dillon seems to be missing his family very much. Since he’s been here, he’s been able to perceive the love they have for him.

In fact, Dillon seems to be perfectly clear that everything his parents have done is because they love him. Yay!!

I just love how people are drawn together and apart perfectly in order to facilitate healing for our shared mind.

I’m also glad to be able to perceive even more how none of us are doing it right or wrong. Our roles are more like processes in one mental system that’s constantly being drawn towards greater love.

Today is Dillon’s 11th Birthday. We are going to celebrate with Sunday Funday and with a party next Friday.  Soon after that, he will be off to begin his new life with his family.What a blessing!


A Hui Hou, Dillon!

Dillon returned home on Tuesday. I was suddenly guided to get him a flight after it was revealed to me that he was ready to go.

While Dillon had been saying that he didn’t want to return home before his birthday party on the 18th, I was guided that he really wanted to return home as soon as possible.

So I made arrangements for him to fly before Dillon woke up. I felt a bit apprehensive because I wasn’t sure how he was going to react to the news.

When I went into his room to get his suitcase, he was just waking up. He looked at me and I said: “I’m getting your suitcase because you’re flying home today!”.

His eyes widened and he smiled big, then he jumped out of bed and helped me pack his suitcase. We went to his favorite breakfast place and he was off on his next adventure.

Dillon only mentioned the birthday party once and it was just a quick “Too bad I’m going to miss my party, but I’m really glad to be going home.”

We are still going to have a party on Friday for Dillon’s birthday, and we will be shipping his gifts to him in Henderson, Nevada.

Dillon returned home on Tuesday. I was suddenly guided to get him a flight after it was revealed to me that he was ready to go.

While Dillon had been saying that he didn’t want to return home before his birthday party on the 18th, I was guided that he really wanted to return home as soon as possible.

So I made arrangements for him to fly before Dillon woke up. I felt a bit apprehensive because I wasn’t sure how he was going to react to the news.

When I went into his room to get his suitcase, he was just waking up. He looked at me and I said: “I’m getting your suitcase because you’re flying home today!”.

His eyes widened and he smiled big, then he jumped out of bed and helped me pack his suitcase. We went to his favorite breakfast place and he was off on his next adventure.

Dillon only mentioned the birthday party once and it was just a quick “Too bad I’m going to miss my party, but I’m really glad to be going home.”

We are still going to have a party on Friday for Dillon’s birthday, and we will be shipping his gifts to him in Henderson, Nevada.


Believing in the thought that you want your children to behave better is missing the point.

It’s a reflection of a hidden belief that you are not worthy of peace.

Let yourself feel disturbed and be willing to have the reason for that feeling reinterpreted in light of what’s true.

As your disturbance is met with compassion, both you and your child will learn that nothing can disturb the peace of God.


The idea that children need discipline is a reflection of the belief that you need discipline.

Most people would agree that such is the truth, but that doesn’t make it true.

If you find yourself disciplining yourself or your children, that’s okay!

But if you want to use your perception of discipline for restoring sanity, offer a little bit of willingness to see that believing in the sense of anyone needing discipline is an attack on your own sovereignty.


I was hearing from one parent today, and she said that she thinks, or someone else told her and she agreed, that parents can’t really unschool their kids unless they’re unschooled first. And the way I see it here is, we’re all unschooling, kids not withstanding. 

Let’s qualify unschooling. Unschooling to me is the unconditioning. Unconditioning, kind of like wearing away at the society’s conditioning as it comes up within you. So it’s not a fight at all, it’s very gentle. It’s like undoing; undoing what you’ve done. Because basically the way you’re conditioned and all of your beliefs and the way you behave, you’ve done that to yourself, not for ‘reals’, but in the dream. It’s undoing what’s ‘apparently’ been done. That’s unschooling. 


If you find yourself resisting your child for showing behaviors of disrespect, it is a manifestation of resisting your inner child. If you are reacting to their rudeness or to their acting disrespectful in your view, your reaction is telling you that you are resisting rather than embracing. It is all you need to know.

The alert parent recognizes opportunities to extend love and is willing to seize those opportunities. Basically, seizing the opportunity is watching your reaction, as if someone has done something unfair to you.

The kids are never really doing anything. They are just revealing to you what it is you need to know about yourself, what it is you are keeping hidden. It is like you are trying to get rid of the guilty self-concept you’re holding about yourself by making them out to be guilty. When kids seem like they’re being disrespectful, we can just love up the reaction within us.

(Noted from Lifting the Veil)

Hope’s Social Media Digest, September 2019


Only innocence is possible. Whatever seems to lack innocence is a sign that your perception needs healing


When people seem to die, their spirit doesn’t leave you. In fact, they are more with you. 💐

If you find yourself missing them it’s because you’re choosing to be consumed by the body sense, thereby deadening yourself to communication. 🥰

You can make another choice. 🌈


Pretending there are people who “need to wake up” is how you convince yourself that you are not dreaming them up.


The more you ask God for forgiveness the more you give yourself the perception that you are a sinner.


No one is in resistance. They’re only expressing your belief that resistance is something that can happen.

To undo that belief, meet your reaction to apparent resistance with kindness.


An idea can be mistaken but it cannot sin.

Your mind is God’s idea and God does not create sinners.

However, God’s idea has pursued an idea about itself that denies its innocence and calls for punishment. Hence, a world where separation, illness, suffering and death can be perceived.

When you’re ready to have your mistaken identity corrected, you will protect the innocence of everyone who reflects your mistake, and no longer seek to make them guilty.


“The test results showed that my adrenal marker was at a variable of 4 when the minimum healthy variable was 1,000. I didn’t get much into the details myself, but the doctor was adamant that my body was nearly dead and that I couldn’t host a retreat, teach, work or anything else. She prescribed “hammock time”, where I didn’t teach or try to learn anything, but just lay there and let my body heal.

As I heard this, I found myself sitting there slumped over and barely able to breathe while simultaneously experiencing a sense of relief at having a valid excuse for canceling my retreat and discontinuing my teaching efforts. I couldn’t help but break into laughter when the doctor told me how sick I was because I knew that I was making myself sick to the point where even the lab results proved that my body was nearly deceased and definitely unable to keep up with the responsibilities I had made for myself.”

~ Except from the book I’m currently working with. It’s an account of what transpired leading up to and including the Kilauea lava flow, which took out our home and farm last year.


No one needs to wake up because no one is asleep.

They’re all faking it because you wanted them to help you keep believing in your dream as a separate self.

When you decide you’d rather know them as they are, you will.


Death is a conscious choice. It’s not serious at all. It’s like a joke that people are taking seriously.

No one is capable of dying. Death is being performed on purpose. Death is being performed for the purpose of undoing the belief that we made ourselves separate.


There’s also another voice speaking to you. It is the voice of Spirit that is not as loud as the ego. It is almost like you need to look past the ego thoughts to hear it. The voice of the spirit is only love. It speaks for God who loves you completely. God’s joy is to love you. You are created as a thought of God for his joy.

When you receive God’s love, it extends to everyone in your perception and the whole world, even the ones you don’t perceive. You can say everyone is God’s child. Through you, God’s love is extended. So, I say everyone is your child. There is no difference between one and the other.

(Quoted from Wisdom Dialogues episode Everyone is Like Your Child)


You start to get a sense of bliss beneath this thin layer of perception we have. You start to see, it is barely anything and then, beneath it, you see a well of bliss.

This thin layer of perception will give you a hook, like, “Oh, my God! Something’s wrong.” However, when you sink back into all the bliss, the sensations, they get more and more joyful. It is all worth it. You get happy to have a sense that something is gonna go really wrong. It is like, “Yay!” You know what’s coming next is the blessing and you’re making it up for the blessing.

(Noted from One Thing, One Purpose)

Worldly Seeking:

Misperception is observing a world of deception and taking that world to be reality.

Deny the evidence to look past deception and see what’s really here.


When you seek to convince people that terrible things are being done by terrible people, you are only reflecting on a secret wish and making it real for you.

Really, Nothing happens!


The idea of a perceived lack of money is funny. It is as if we don’t have enough. It is totally projected. Notice the feeling you get out of it. Basically, money is being used to project guilt onto ourselves and other people, but it seems to have another purpose. That’s what makes it funny.

It brings up a big scary feeling and all kinds of things seem to happen because of it.

The thoughts are not yours so, it is not like you have to take them on or anything. Just watch. It is comedy. It is like a comedy show.

(Note from Breaking the Money Illusion episode)


Look at the feeling of scarcity as a gift and you will start to see that you are making it up. It is really projected from before the world just so you can get the feeling of guilty self-belief and project it outward. It allows you to uphold the world through defensiveness if that’s what you would choose. You can uphold that thought and make it a guilty kind of world, or you can make another choice.

(Note from Breaking the Money Illusion episode)


I heard people say before, “God made us for His pleasure.” I used to go, “That’s sick! That’s disgusting! I don’t want to do anything with that.” After a while, I realized what it means and it is more symbolic.

Think of this symbolically when I say, ‘God created us to experience joy through us, through our expanding joy. It is an ever-expanding joy. It gets more and more joyful.’

We make ourselves joyful through creating but it is not creating as people would think. Our creative power is in making a choice for reality. That’s what’s going to bring us more and more joy.

So, when you get that all of it is for one thing and all of it is one thing and one purpose, it is for expanding our joy.

(Noted from One Thing, One Purpose)


The world is for one thing. It is all for one thing. It is for demonstrating to your own mind that you are free. So, just live freely in the moment without identifying with any projections.

The projections are only for resurrection. It is like you are being persecuted and crucified so that you can be resurrected. Notice the victim consciousness coming up? It is for more bliss.

The bliss is the reality – who we are. The only reason reality isn’t seen is because of having a preference for seeing something else, a preference for seeing a world of illusions. That’s why the real world can’t be seen. So, the vision for the real world becomes like a hopeful pipe dream.

It is really simple. It is in the moment. The delusional thought is crossing your mind and you are giving it faith. Giving faith to illusions feels upsetting. That’s is how you know, “I’d rather see this than reality.” For me, I’ll just admit it to myself. If I’m feeling crappy, it’s because I’d rather see illusions than what’s true right now. Anyway, there’s just now and I can always change my mind. But for now, apparently “I’d rather see this world I made up and that’s why I keep on following these thoughts.”

It is not a bad or guilty thing. You can do it for as long as you wish because time is an illusion. For sure, there are instances where you’ve been able to make the choice for peace. It is just when you start practicing non-peace a lot, it starts to feel very heavy, as if you can’t make another choice. The sense of non-peace is only the result of having faith in illusions, having faith in what you wish you were instead of who you are.

It is all where you are putting your attention. It is all in the moment. Just right now.

(Noted from Undoing Guilty Perception)


Money, like all illusions, is a lovely manifestation when it’s used for healing. It’s delusional thoughts about money that makes money into a problem. The thought of other people doing bad things with it, like using and abusing people, is nothing but a projection of guilty self-belief.

Really, nothing is happening, and so trying to convince people that other people are using money in a bad or wrong way is really using misperception to deny reality. You cannot have a vision of reality and a thought that people are using money to abuse people at the same time.

It’s either one or the other. The world you are projecting is real or reality is real. You choose which world you will see, but you cannot see both at the same time


When you like yourself, people like to be around you, not the other way around. 

(The ego will insist that in order to like yourself, people have to demonstrate that they like you).

You will like yourself more when you’re willing to withdraw your judgments of others, while allowing them to keep theirs as long as they wish.


Your mind is totally innocent and only capable of creating. It is not capable of projecting. Projecting is called projecting because it’s an image cast outside your mind where it can be observed by you. The ego offers thoughts to you that judge your projection, and the knee jerk reaction is to mistake the ego’s voice for your own. For instance, “This kid is so bad,” “This kid is really loud,” it is an offering of the ego. If you take it to be your own voice, you’ve decided with the ego.

(Quoted from Wisdom Dialogues episode Everyone is Like Your Child)


The ego makes perceptions as if they are solid and totally in place but they are not. They are totally movable, changeable and they are unfolding according to feeling.

It is all your feeling arising, arising, and arising all the time. When you start to see, you stop triggering a negative emotion in you because eventually, you’ll get used to knowing who you are. Then, that’s how you relate to the world.

Nothing is happening, rather it is occurring to you. Whenever you have a perception, it is occurring to you and it is very playful. So, you can have any kind of perception and still be at peace within.

Even as you get jarred, there is a big, “Hooray!” You can get a big fear feeling and it seems to be from something you perceived in the world, but it is not. It is not! There is a positive way around.

You can still get this big fear feeling and you can be saying, “Hooray!” That’s allowing so much more peace and joy to come through you. It is like igniting the fire within you and letting it burn so brightly, revealing to your own mind that nothing can harm you. You only made your fear up.

(Noted from One Thing, One Purpose)


The whole purpose of perceiving yourself and others as something that’s capable of action is for learning what’s really true about you.

But if you insist on taking responsibility for your actions and/or demanding that other people take responsibility for theirs, all you are learning is how to make yourself miserable.


Undoing the ego entails correcting the guilty thought that we separated ourselves from reality.

Projecting personal responsibility for our actions is the exact opposite of that.

Action is only the result of thought. No guilty thought equals no harmful actions.


Forgiveness is seen as dangerous to the ego because the ego’s whole existence depends on the unforgiveness.


Everyone that we come into contact with does not fully know themselves. Our job is to demonstrate to them that they are Divine and they have not really made themselves into something else. The way to show them their Divinity is to demonstrate it to yourself. Basically, when we perceive someone doing wrong or lacking something, we get an emotional charge. What’s being asked of you is to just stop and get that feeling.

How do you get the feeling? First of all, acknowledge that you don’t know what is going on. You’ve made a misinterpretation. Basically, you’ve made a mistake if you feel other than a completely joyful kind of surrender. It doesn’t mean that you need to try to manipulate your actions or words in any way. These will come out naturally. Everything gets handled. It is like you are parenting this child within you who is going through something right now.

(Quoted from Wisdom Dialogues episode Everyone is Like Your Child)


Situation: A child is conditioned in such a way that he unwittingly uses his energy to get others to feel annoyed with him so that they will put restrictions on him.

It is not a problem. What makes such behavior into a problem for people is their interpretation of feeling as if there’s something wrong. Just because someone seems to be doing something that you don’t like, doesn’t mean anything is wrong. It is a gift.

You may or may not find yourself saying anything about it. It is not up to you. When you think it is up to you what, when and how to say something, it is because you have decided to stop listening to your spirit.

There is nothing for you to do. You have no responsibilities in the world. All of your apparent responsibilities are playing out through the body-sense. It is all being done for you.

So, what do you do? You allow love and compassion for what’s sensing. Then, it all plays out compassionately. It is all energy being made manifest. Energy is also a thought.

(Quoted from Wisdom Dialogues episode Everyone is Like Your Child)


If you would like to see money in a whole different way and use money for undoing the guilty-self-concept, your responsibility is for asking yourself, “What is really being exchanged? What is the energy being offered? How will this energy come back to me?” Because the energy you put out is coming back to you.

You can take the payment of money as giving someone a gift. For example, you gave someone a beautiful rock or a diamond and you love the person. Money is the same way. Take it as gifting and loving.

Look how it is meant for communication like everything else. So, if you are taking the money and using it from a mental state of scarcity consciousness then, that’s what you are giving. You are not really giving money, you’re offering scarcity and that’s what you are receiving.

Any calculation, watch it. Don’t stop doing the calculation. That’s not what I’m saying. Watch your energy with the calculations. Watch what kind of thoughts are commented on top of the calculation. Watch the comments and the feelings along with them.

(Note from Breaking the Money Illusion episode)


Be gentle with yourself and everyone else. We are all just learning here.


No one can assault anyone. 🌸

Until you are willing to accept this basic truth, you can only use your perception for projection and not for healing.


We don’t have separate truths. We are all of the same perfect mind and we all share the same goal.

Believing that we can have separate truths only serves to justify hatred and attack.


Money as a Healing Device

Making the effects of money real and then saying “I don’t need money” is like saying “I don’t need air” and trying to get by without breathing. It’s painful and scary!

Both statements are true because you are only dreaming that you are something that has needs.

However, in dreaming there is an apparent need for some medium of exchange, which is made into an object of poverty when you add resistance to it.

In fact, the statement “I don’t need money” becomes an affirmation of poverty because your mind interprets that as “I need money, which I don’t have”.

So how do you use the perception of money to undo what causes illusions of poverty?

Watch how you feel when money-related thoughts occur to you. If you’re perceiving anything other than gratitude, it’s an opportunity for healing the cause of misperception. Hooray!!

To seize the opportunity, deny any truth to the thoughts being projected out of the non-gratitude feeling. (instead of denying that you need money).

Indeed, one form of denial is worthy of you, and the other is totally unworthy. One form demonstrates your infinite abundance and the other protects illusions of poverty.

The truth needs nothing and you are the truth. You are the only one who can accept the gifts of undoing what you thought you were.


In fact, money (and all other forms of currency) will be eliminated from your sight.

Not by your attempts to change the world, but by forgiveness of the belief that you are guilty and must pay for your sins.


The feeling of being controlled, to be in a position where you don’t feel the freedom, like, you’d rather be somewhere else – watch it because it is an ego pattern. It is not really you. It is just that you see it play out and you sleepily follow it until you’re feeling really bad. You just follow it for a little while. So, watch yourself. Look at this pattern and notice that it’s like a soundwave too.

It goes up, it gets to a certain intensity and it comes back down. If you identify with it, you make it stronger, you get more of it and it goes to a higher intensity.

When you are not identifying with it, it is just going to go at its natural peak and it’s going to burn out.

The next time it comes around and you don’t identify with it, it is just going to get a little intensity.

The next thing you know the highs and lows are really short. They are not too high or low. The intensity lessens. Your joy deepens but it is more of a calm sense of joy.

(Note from Breaking the Money Illusion episode)


The darkness you perceive in other people is only a shadow cast from the guilt first perceived within yourself.


Only if you’re making money out to be real can you make perceptions of money being used to hurt people.

The solution is not to eliminate money. The solution is to heal your mind’s attraction to projecting guilty feelings and undo what’s causing you to feel guilty in the first place.


Any lack of integrity you perceive in another person is your attempt to escape a guilty thought about yourself. 

That’s because there are no other people. The people you perceive are really you, reflecting the self-belief you wish to keep hidden.

Forgiveness is a gift you can only accept for yourself. It’s the recognition that a guilty thought about yourself cannot be true, and thus what you are seeing in another person must be an error.


Guilt tries to do while innocence embraces whatever is being done.


Everything in this world is made to prove that you are guilty. That’s why no one is ever content with it.

There may be fleeting instances where you find this “life” to be beautiful, but ugliness always returns to your sight as a witness to your wish for death.

Be glad that you cannot be content with this. If you were content with sickness and death, there would be no motivation to learn how to escape this world which you made and return to the world that’s been created for you.


You’ve projected people to feel guilty and so they are going to seem to try and share their guilty feeling with you, thinking they can get rid of it that way.

If you simply don’t participate in taking guilty feeling as meaningful, not only will you be immune to their apparent attacks, but you will also release them from your condemnation.


“They’re getting it but where’s mine?” is a common guilty-trip of the ego as if there’s someone else. All you see are images cast from your own mind. Anything you see as another person ‘getting’, is not seeing them clearly. They’ve already got it just like you do.

Fear, jealousy and all other upset feelings stem from guilty self-belief. Upset feelings are the result of an idea that you are undeserving of anything except for punishment. Upset feelings foster thoughts that make it appear as if your sense of unworthiness is justified by reality.

When you see someone else, and it seems like you should be at the place where the other person is, it is a projected thought to get you to identify with a guilty thought. That’s what the ego’s world is all about.

In fact, even the way our systems are set up, they’re all manifestations of the idea that we separated ourselves from Source and we deserve punishment.

(Noted from Undoing Guilty Perception)


All you want is truth. All you want is peace, harmony, the comfort of truth and the reality of who you are. You don’t really want anything in the world.

Going along with the ego by identifying with wanting stuff in the world is just a set-up for suffering. You don’t really want that. You want whatever appears to be arising because it can be used for healing right now, in the present moment.

Thoughts are manifesting from moment-to-moment. Every single one can be used by you, for healing.

Out of your thoughts, that’s where your behavior, actions, and relating come from. So, if you find yourself relating with people in a tense way like, “You should have done it this way,” or you find someone else relating with you as in: could’a, should’a, would’a (which are delusional words), those are attempts to make the past seem real and guilt seem inevitable.

So, watch those thoughts play out. They are funny. You can have a little laugh inside of yourself when you see them. Inside, you can be watching and you can laugh at them. When you remember to laugh, what comes out of you is compassion instead of making wrong.

You could have a good chuckle within yourself at the occurrence of ‘could’a, should’a, would’a,’ not as if there is a person really uttering those words but because they are a playful attempt to get you hooked onto a bad feeling being projected from your own mind, as if you want something other than what’s arising now.

(Noted from Undoing Guilty Perception)


If you don’t allow yourself to be released from thoughts of you owing or others owing you something, it is making more illusions of guilty, miserable things from you.

How do you get released from it? By basically saying, “I am making it up so I can get the feeling.” It takes attention over time to see through it. The attention is taking whatever arises in the material world and using it for this kind of forgiveness. Whenever you see it from a sense of being upset and admit steadfastly, “I am making it up for this feeling,” you are going to see through it.

Then, you won’t buy into ideas of trying to make things happen for yourself. Instead, you’ll recognize things are happening for you. The guilty sense makes it seem as if you have to make things happen for yourself in the world. It is as if you have to be responsible for your own life.

As you are seeing through the guilty consciousness being presented to you, you start to realize it is just unfolding and you can relax and be with it as it unfolds.

It is all an adventure, it is all unfolding so you can show yourself there is only love.

(Noted from Undoing Guilty Perception)

True Identity:

It is so simple. It is all one thing, and it is all for one thing. There is nothing else going on. These fluctuations we perceive are nothing and they are just for entertainment. All of the world that’s perceived is just one thing and it’s for one thing. It’s really simple. It comes down to that. It’s laughable how simple it is. It is just the idea of getting caught up in stories and stuff. It is really funny!

So, who’s struggling? It is just a choice being made. It is just a choice of identity. It is a choice from moment to moment. The healing is instant as soon as you are ready to acknowledge yourself.

Someone posted to my wall, “Just remember ‘your majesty’.” That’s who you are. All these things seem to be occurring to you but nothing is changing about you.

All these things you perceive in the world just bring doubt about who you are. You just don’t doubt it. It is easy. The whole purpose of those things cropping up, whatever it happens to be, whatever it seems to be, is to make you self-doubt like a hook. So, at any moment, you just recognize who you are and make a choice.

Everything is nothing. It is all one thing. When you get that it is all one thing and it is for one thing then, nothing is a problem.

(Noted from One Thing, One Purpose)



No one can steal anything. Babies can’t steal anything. Everyone is like a baby.

The way you will stop the perception of stealing is to undo the self-concept in your own mind. That’s the only way. Other stuff can still seem to happen on the surface – people go to jail, people get their ass kicked, people get sued – all that stuff can still go on. It is fine.

But in your heart, you can recognize where your perception of stealing is coming from and if you don’t know, ask within. Don’t just pretend that you know.

Consider the meaning of the verse “Wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.” It is foolishness to believe that anything you perceive is true and has meaning.

(Note from Breaking the Money Illusion episode)


Everyone has within them a spark of the Divine, there is a tiny light inside. When I was a kid there is a song, “This little light of mine. I am gonna let it shine…” Then, there is part saying my light is hiding under the bushel, “Oh no! I am going to let it shine…”

The hiding under the bushel is like taking on judgement. It is like your light gets covered up. It is never gone but it gets shrouded. This is basically, holding on to a judgement – as in “this shouldn’t be happening, what if this happens to me”, they shouldn’t be doing that.” Anything like that is holding onto a judgment and it dims your light.

The way you feel right now, when you are agreeing with your judgement, making it real, is like setting out for your future or almost laying it out. You are setting out circumstances that are made to bring up the same kind of feeling. It is the feeling that’s going forward. Abaraham Hicks would say, “It is an emotional journey.” So, it is the feeling that keeps going forward or writing your future script for you right now.

When there is a thought, the first reaction is like a hook. That hook-reaction is an opportunity to expand that much more joy. You extend or expand that much more joy because that’s who you are.

(Noted from One Thing, One Purpose)


Perceived lack of money, innocence in the midst of perceived cruelty and worthiness of love.


Money only has the power that you gave to it. Reclaiming your power is a choice you can make in the midst of feeling the effects of having made money mean something.



Supporting a child’s natural creativity is far more relaxing and rewarding than forcing a curriculum on them.


Loving a child is not about managing our actions. We are all learning to undo the guilty thought that we separated ourselves from reality. That’s why we find ourselves embodied. 

The idea that we can be responsible for our own actions is a projection of the idea that we are separate from reality. It’s also the crux of the ego’s argument against reality.

The only responsibility anyone ever has is the choice between guilt or innocence.  Et, whoever assumes responsibility for action is already denying their responsibility for making the only choice that will eventually end the reign of ego. 

As parents to our children and to the whole world, we are meant to demonstrate how to surrender responsibility for action and joyfully take responsibility for the only choice that really matters.

In this way, our children and everyone else can learn of their innocence from us rather than how to assume responsibility for something that’s only an effect of what they’ve learned so far.


Healing through Perceived Abusiveness

A parent who seems abusive, mean or neglectful toward their children is being misperceived. In other words, you are not seeing them clearly. They may not be seeing themselves clearly either.

If you find yourself judging them, it’s a sign that you are trying to escape a guilty feeling by projecting its cause outward.

You don’t really have any power to make that parent guilty, but seeing them that way provides a sense of temporary relief from the pain of guilt and that’s why it’s a common practice amongst people.

The only trouble is that what’s causing your guilty feeling also gets protected, which allows it to gain intensity over time and manifest itself as miseries in your life.

A parent who seems abusive, mean or neglectful toward their children becomes your responsibility because they arise in your perception, and perception is the only thing that can be healed.

The whole purpose of having that misperception is to bring up the guilty feeling so that you can choose to let its cause be undone. What defends against undoing your guilty self-concept is fearful thinking, as if judgment will save you from becoming a bad parent or save children from their bad parents.

In fact, judgment will perpetuate the problem, because the only problem is misperceiving, and judgment is what gives reality to misperception.

If you are even a little bit willing to deny truth to judgmental thoughts and look past what you think you see, whether within yourself or within others, you will find out how to reclaim your power to use your mind creatively, for saving everyone from the pain of guilt, including yourself.


Dillon 10-Day Update:

As many of you know, I’ve been playing in the role of surrogate mother to my 10-year-old nephew, who was on psychiatric drugs and considered to have serious behavioral issues.

When I visited his family in Henderson, Nevada, he was a bit nervous to come with me all the way to Hawaii, but after a few days, he seemed incredibly excited. In the airport, Dillon expressed fear of not being on the drugs because he thought I would become angry at his behavior. I assured him that that was impossible.

For about the first week, Dillon seemed to be working very hard to incite anger in me, in every member of my family, and in anyone who wasn’t giving him their full attention. It was obvious to me that this way of being was just a habit that had become his way of calling for love. 

On the airplane, Dillon would burst out in laughter, pain or otherwise make loud sounds that would startle me and the other passengers. At one point I found myself covering his mouth and when I removed my hand, he was smiling at me. I smiled back and let him know that people are trying to get some rest. He was doing his best, but still, the outbursts would come, and I was given the opportunity to exercise patience.

At home, the loud outbursts and other seemingly odd and disrespectful behavior continued while many “I’m sorry’s” came from Dillon without any immediate change in behavior.

I did not enroll Dillon in school because he has no desire for it. Dillon has been with me most of the time, even when I’m working because that’s where he wants to be.

After letting him know several times that I need quiet while I work, Dillon was still making loud outbursts, even though he has a Kindle Fire with plenty of movies, games and other things that he enjoys very much and that could very easily keep him occupied.

I watched as attack thoughts about him occurred to me, but I kept refusing to hold onto them. Sometimes those thoughts stuck with me, but not for very long as I could see the suffering they were making for me. I watched myself and members of my family became unnerved with Dillon and I kept refusing to make anyone at fault.

My 11-year-old son, Braun expressed that he wants Dillon to go back home because he is “so annoying”, so I let my son know that if he still feels that way in a month, I’ll send Dillon back home. Dillon heard this and expressed fear that if he was sent back home, he would be sent to juvenile hall. I told Dillon that I wasn’t concerned with that and if/when he’s sent home before June, it will not be because of his behavior but because he and Braun did not integrate.

I also let Dillon know that if he pays attention he can learn how to integrate anywhere and with anyone he wants. I also related to him that the loud outbursts were not working for me while I was working and that he was going to have to stay in his room if he could not keep quiet around me for the 3 hours or so that I needed to focus on other things. I said that he could try again each day to keep quiet and then go to his room if needed. 

A few days later, Dillon calmed down and he’s been able to keep quiet while I’m working, keeping himself occupied with his Kindle Fire. He’s also demonstrating more maturity and respect for himself and everyone else.

Meanwhile, I’ve been taking Dillon out of the house to engage in community activities almost daily. At first, his habit was to complain a lot. Instead of being in awe of the beauty all around him, for the first few days, Dillon kept finding something wrong and jumping between elated, fidgety and pained. He also had a habit of yelling out as if he just became seriously injured. 

We arrived in Hawaii on a Wednesday night, and the following Sunday was his first Puna style Sunday Funday. This includes ecstatic dance, then a clothing-optional beach with intense waves that break right on the shore, then The Lawn, where many people gather to play music, eat, and engage in activities such as tightrope, frisbee, soccer, gymnastics, etc. 

Dillon was afraid to dance because he said that people would make fun of him for being a bad dancer and afraid of getting naked because people would make fun of his small penis. I let him know it was safe to dance, be naked and to be himself, that it was not likely that anyone would make fun of him, and if they did, it doesn’t matter. I also let him know that dancing and getting naked were both optional. 

Before we embarked on the clothing optional beach Dillon told me that naked people were disgusting. I let him know that he was talking about me because I was going to be naked in a few minutes. He changed his mind immediately and while he has kept his suit on, he doesn’t seem to mind the nudity at all. 

He was much more interested in the waves breaking right onshore. He got immense enjoyment from experiencing the wildness of the ocean while staying grounded onshore.

Dillon took very well to all of the activities at The Lawn and even danced a bit in the drum circle. He’s had no problem integrating with people in the Sunday Funday environment. 

Dillon has also been swimming at the community pool, played basketball with other kids at the community center and had lessons in aerial silks. This week he’s going to receive lessons in balancing and juggling skills at a circus community center.

His second Sunday Funday was even more fun for Dillon. He joined me for a few minutes of ecstatic dance, played in the pool after the dance, learned how to use a bullwhip at The Lawn, improved his tightrope skills, deepened his connections with people and made some new connections.

At home, Dillon told me that he wants to be a YouTube star, so I informed his father that Dillon could use a computer. When his father came up with stories of scarcity, my husband and I did a little research and purchased a suitable computer for him on Amazon.

Dillon was very grateful and relieved to have his creativity supported, and that night he entertained us with dances, jokes and his fun personality.

Last night, Dillon said he was sorry for something and I told him that he never has to be sorry because he’s always learning. I asked him if he would apologize to his teacher for getting a math problem wrong, and he laughed and said: “Why would I do that?”. I said that life is the same way. I told him that he can just appreciate what he is learning as he watches himself be changed.

Dillon then informed me that he can’t change because of the past. I asked, “What about the past?”. He said that because of how he’s been in the past, he’s going to keep being the same way.

So I asked Dillon if he’s noticed any difference in his behavior. He told me that he feels much calmer and more mature. I communicated that I see it too. I asked him why he thinks that is, and he told me that it’s because he feels happy.

He related a story to me of how he found himself going all the way upstairs to his room to put something away that he would have normally left on the couch. He said with emphasis that he would have NEVER done that at home in Henderson.

I told him that no matter what other people think about how well he’s learning, he can choose to just be happy that he is learning and the past won’t matter. That as long as he’s happy, he’s going to learn easier and faster.

I also related to him that his family in Henderson has been seeing him the way he sees himself, and because he was holding a poor image of himself, he kept drawing the same reflection from his family. I told him that he may have learned to see himself that way from his family’s reactions, but that he didn’t have to keep teaching their reactions to himself.

I asked him if he can imagine being loved, respected, supported and appreciated at home and he said “Yes!”. I told him that it was all within him and that he can totally learn how to express himself in a way that changes the people around him.

Needless to say, I’m super excited to continue this adventure in love and consciousness. I’m also excited about having a conversation with Dillon’s parents about how they can support this highly creative and intelligent child.


More Adventures as a Surrogate Mother:

A few days ago things got a little rough for me, in a playful way of course. Dillon seemed to be acting antagonistic and I seemed to be feeling annoyed.

Understanding for myself that this is all occurring in my mind, and that antagonism is a call for love from within myself, I take responsibility for all that I perceive. I go through emotional turbulence gladly and the breakthroughs come quickly. 

That night Dillon related to me that his mom (stepmom) told him that if he’s sent back home early, she will send him to juvenile hall.

I told him that sometimes adults say things out of fear and they don’t really mean those things. He replied, “Like when my dad says he’s going to fuck me in the face or rip off my head and shit down my neck, but he never really does those things?

“I chuckled and said “Yes. just like that.” I let Dillon know that people who are hurting say and do hurtful things but that he can learn how to be protected from harm.

He said “But my reputation is so bad that when I go back home I’m just going to be punished some more. I asked him if he’s aware that reputations can change? He instantly perked up and said “Really?!”.

I said “Yes! That’s one of the things you are here to learn, is how to change your mind, which will change your reputation. Your parents are learning too. They want to have a happy, healthy relationship with you.”

I related to Dillon that because he was afraid of being sent home early and going to juvenile hall, it was causing him to act antagonistically because the mind has a way of seeking the very thing we are afraid of.

I shared with Dillon about how to undo the habit of being an antagonist by passively watching what’s motivating his actions and what he hopes to get out of relating with people in that way.

We talked for a little while as Dillon opened up and imagined a whole new way of being. When we started this conversation, Dillon was fidgety. He was wringing his hands, scratching himself and complaining of being itchy, having a headache and having a tummy ache.

He also seemed to be having trouble focusing his eyes on me. I told him that all of those pains were just habits set up to keep him from focusing on what we’re talking about. He said, “But I really want to talk about this.”

So I held his hands gently but firmly and asked him to look at me. When his eyes moved, I reminded him to stay focused on me.

While we were talking Dillon completely calmed down. I let go of his hands and I asked him if he noticed how calm he was. He said “Yes”. I asked him if he knew why he was so calm and he said it was because I was talking in a calm voice, that he liked what I was saying and that he was glad I wasn’t mad at him.

I could see that over the course of that day Dillon had projected that I was mad at him and that I was going to send him home for his bad behavior. Because he believed he had already messed up, he was made to act out even more and to manifest physical symptoms, not to mention getting smacked a few times by my son who is around the same age.    

He also told me he was afraid that he was going to forget what we talked about because he always forgets things. I let him know that if he forgets I will remind him again and again, that we both want the same thing for him and that he can’t get it wrong.   

As we were communicating he saw how he was only making up a story about me sending him home for bad behavior. That thought did cross my mind throughout the day but I didn’t pay any mind to it because I immediately saw that it was meaningless just like the perceived antagonism and my perceived emotional reactions to the antagonism.

The next day (yesterday), there was markedly less antagonism and other attention-seeking behavior and more helpfulness and self-sufficiency.

I’m having fun watching how my projected feelings and thoughts fluctuate with these seemingly different perceptions and it’s rewarding to encourage and inspire this child’s return to peaceful awareness again and again


Update on Dillon’s Integration

Many of you may recall that my 11-year-old son Braun wanted to send Dillon (his 10-year-old cousin) back to the mainland because he was “annoying”. I told Braun that if he still felt that way in a month, Dillon would return home at that time.

Well, the other night, the three of us were playing Uno when Dillon said to Braun, “It seems like you like me now because you let me into your room”.Braun started singing “🎵Yes! Because you’re actually a nice person🎵“, and then Dillon sang back “🎵Then that means I can stay longer than a month🎵“, and Braun sang back to him “🎵Congratulations!🎵“. Then Braun did an expressive dance before we continued on with our game. 

Dillon still seems to be attracted to making conflict, which was being expressed during our Uno game that night. But Braun seems to be able to roll with it now that he sees how much Dillon has already calmed down and how much fun we can all have together.

During the game, Dillon tried to lie and cheat and he accused me and Braun of trying to look at his cards. Braun and I both expressed that we weren’t interested in playing like that and even if his cards were exposed, we were going to try not to look at them because that makes the game less interesting.

Dillon seemed to get the message that we like playing in a friendly way and that he could let his guard down and just relax and have fun.

We were able to play three games with Dillon winning none of them, and by the end, he seemed perfectly content with the outcome.


I’ve noticed that Dillon tends to feel unsafe and insecure, and react as if his very survival depends on being seen and heard. That kind of expression has been a major turn-off for Braun, who generally feels safe and secure and who is generally attracted to people who feel the same.

As Dillon has learned what it takes to be friends with Braun, he’s been allowing himself to just play with Braun instead of trying to get a big reaction out of him. Still, when Dillon gets preoccupied with getting Braun’s attention, Braun lets him know that he doesn’t like it.

For instance, Dillon was accustomed to using sexually explicit words to get a reaction out of people, so he would often burst out with words like “dick, balls and booty hoe”.  Being with Braun has been putting that in check because Braun finds it dumb and unfunny. In fact, when Dillon would make a joke that used sexually explicit language as the punchline, it would tend to get Dillon an “unfunny joke” slap from Braun.


Last night, Dillon got the computer we ordered for him and I helped him set it up. It took a few tries because he would get very antsy and impatient, and I’d find myself stopping. He would ask me to help him again and I would let him know that I would be willing to help as long as he was chillin’. He eventually got the message and discovered how to find relaxation while engaged in the project with me.

At this point, because Braun is getting more comfortable with having Dillon in the house, it appears that Dillon is going to be able to stay with us for the entire 9 months we had planned. Dillon expresses that he loves his parents and siblings very much and he misses being with them. He seems very excited about returning home in the spring with a new perspective and a clean slate. 

Much appreciation to the parents for giving Dillon this opportunity to discover another way of being and for their willingness to learn another way of being with him.


Protecting Innocence

Dillon came to me after being conditioned with extremely guilty self-talk, constantly saying he’s sorry, how bad he is and what an idiot he is. He’s also expressed the need to self punish because I wasn’t punishing him.

When he’s acting out of guilty self-talk it looks like he’s being a “bad boy”. I see him look at me for the reaction he expects, and it’s my joy to break his expectation, so I pray for the guidance and grace to see past guilty appearances in order to be a true reflection.

A few nights ago, Dillon asked me to tuck him into bed even though he wasn’t going to sleep yet. (He’s been staying up watching YouTube until he passes out.)🙂

I asked him what it meant to “tuck him in” and he said that I give him a hug, a kiss and say a prayer with him.

The first night he thanked God for the great day and for Aunty Hope being so nice to him. Then he asked me to say a prayer and so I thanked God for Dillon and asked God to show Dillon that he deserves all the kindness.

Last night we had the same routine. This time Dillon thanked God again and then asked God to forgive him for all of the sins he committed that day.

Then he asked me to say a prayer and I prayed for Dillon to see that he’s never committed any sin and that he’s completely innocent.

After the prayer, Dillon told me that someone said that it was good to pray for forgiveness every day, and I let him know that’s very common because most people believe that they have sinned and they pray for forgiveness because they are afraid of God’s punishment.

He then said, “But if I don’t ask God for forgiveness, then he won’t forgive me and I will be punished!” I then related to Dillon that God doesn’t know about the things he thinks he does and that it’s up to him to forgive himself for believing that he’s capable of doing anything that would make God angry.

I also let him in on the secret that the more he thinks he’s sinned and needs forgiveness, the more sinful he’s going to become in his own imagination.

Dillon asked if not believing in sin would stop him from doing bad things. I related to him that he’s already innocent, that it’s impossible for him to do bad things and whenever he thinks he has done a bad thing, he’s only making it up.

He seemed very excited about that, although he starts to sweat and he gets fidgety when he hears it. That’s how I know he’s heard enough for the moment.

Every day with Dillon is a blessing that I cherish. I appreciate every opportunity to protect our shared innocence in the midst of a world that aims to destroy it.


The other night Dillon prayed and thanked God for showing him that he doesn’t have any sins to forgive and that he can’t sin. 

He seemed to get that so easily and since then he seems to have shifted into another dimension, with more ease and comfort. 

The day before he told me that his mom always tells him how bad he is. I told him that he may not hear it from her when he returns home, and even if he does hear it. He doesn’t have to believe it!💜💛


You and your children share one purpose, which is love. Your child is love, answering your call for love. But it is going to be impossible for you to answer that call as long as you are wishing your child has come for another purpose. In love!


Kids test me to see what kind of reaction they will get. I love to be tested so that I can see for myself what’s possible.


When one of my sons tried out school in the 5th grade, he was sent to high school for reading class because he was reading at a 10th-grade level.

Thinking that I had some kind of magic homeschooling curriculum for my son, the teacher asked me very intently how I got him to read like that. (The kids in her class could barely read and they had been attending school since at least kindergarten).

When I told the teacher I just let him do what he wants, she looked at me in horror and dismissed his learning as an anomaly.


Punishment or “discipline” is showing respect for the bad the parent thinks the child has done while showing disrespect for the child’s innocence, which the ego encourages parents to destroy.

Thankfully no one can destroy anyone’s innocence, and every parent will see only innocence in their child when they’re done using the child as a scapegoat for their guilty feeling.


Trust Children. Nothing could be more simple, or more difficult. Difficult because to trust children we must first learn to trust ourselves, and most of us were taught as children that we could not be trusted–John Holt


Dillon Update – One Month:

Dillon tells me he feels like he’s on vacation because he doesn’t have to go to school and he can watch YouTube and play video games all day.

What I see is that he’s also eager to help out, he’s inquisitive and very social. Also, from my experience with my own kids, he’s accelerating beyond his school-attending peers intellectually. 

Dillon seems like a very different person from when he first arrived in Hawaii. He’s reflecting more of the maturity, calmness, and respect that the parents were trying to accomplish through conventional discipline, punishment, therapies, and psychotic drugs.

In fact, the evidence was clear that all conventional means had utterly failed. That’s why Dillon was sent to me in the first place.

Dillon came from a household where the prevailing thought was that bad behavior deserves punishment, and “too much” YouTube or video games qualified as “bad behavior”.  The parents seemed totally stressed out and at their wit’s end with Dillon.

I’m encouraging the parents to allow themselves to trust Dillon’s choices because their trust in him engenders peace, fosters maturity, activates creativity and accelerates learning.

But the parents have some inner work to do before they can allow themselves to trust their child’s choices. While a parent is subscribed to the idea that children are meant to be controlled, allowing them to make their own choices is seen as neglectful, and being a neglectful parent is not an easy perception to have. Nor does it serve the child.

What’s being encouraged here is a complete change of heart and mind. For that to occur, the parent must be willing to recognize that everything they learned about their role as parent is backward and upside down.

Children have come to teach us, not the other way around. To let them lead the way takes willingness to go through emotional pain that serves as our defense mechanism for holding ourselves in a position of authority and in resistance to change.

Whether Dillon’s parents are willing to surrender their misbelief and face their emotional pain remains to be seen. In any case, Dillon came to answer their call for more peace and freedom and he will continue to do his “job” because he loves them.


The home isn’t meant to be a battleground, but the parent who perceives bad behavior and makes it real values battle more than peace.


Respecting Kindness

If your kids act disrespectful, and you respond as if that’s wrong, it increases their disrespect toward you, even if they are too afraid of you to show it.

But if you respond to disrespect with kindness, your children will learn self-kindness, which manifests as respect.

The ego’s idea of how kids learn is way different from how they actually learn. The common parent often seeds and feeds the behavior they don’t like because they use their perception of bad behavior to justify resisting their child rather than embracing them.

The alert parent recognizes opportunities to extend love and is willing to seize those opportunities


When I had the perception of my nephew lying, I told him that people only lie when they are afraid. So I asked him what he was afraid of.He told me he was afraid of getting in trouble. I let him know he was not going to get in trouble no matter what.Now he just tells me what’s up. I think he likes being unafraid of getting in trouble.


Undoing what causes projections of disrespect.


It doesn’t matter what words you are saying. If you are saying that because of the children’s behavior they need punishment or discipline, that they need to learn a lesson, it is a demonstration of your belief that you are unworthy of love and you’ve done something that deserves punishment. So, you project it outwards, you project it onto your kids.

You can feel if you want to punish, discipline or teach someone so, just watch. I am not giving you advice like, “Don’t do that.” What I am saying is to watch it play out and see how you feel about it. Find out for yourself how you feel about the situation.

You can tell the difference whether when you are saying something or doing some kind of action whether it is coming from a feeling of love and acceptance or trying to manipulate something.

(Quoted from Wisdom Dialogues episode Everyone is Like Your Child)


The sense of being unloved and rejected feelings is your doing. You’re projecting those feelings. So, just get the feeling effect of your misbelief and your actions will be taken care of.

The perception can shift so fast. It is very shifty. If you are meant to comfort your child, you will find yourself comforting him. You don’t have to make the decision for yourself and the thing is, you can’t make that decision. You can only decide to either project or allow healing.

Basically, all we need to “do” is see those projections for what they are. It is just a matter of choosing what’s true in the midst of perceiving the effects of a guilty concept.

Surely, there is no such thing as guilt.

(Noted from Undoing Guilty Perception)


Hope’s Social Media Digest, August 2019


God knows nothing of consciousness, where God’s children go to sentence themselves to death.

God maintains our reality beyond our decision to take on consciousness, and constantly communicates the truth to our shared mind.

When we are willing to communicate only with God, we will escape consciousness and all of its effects.

It’s only a matter of time.


Consciousness is the ego’s domain, but ego doesn’t make anything happen.

You are the maker of everything that arises in consciousness, including the ego.

Ego only offers guidance in the form of thought. When you decide with the ego you decide to make more illusions and to extend lifetimes within which to play them out.

Spirit, which you didn’t make, also offers guidance. When you decide with spirit, you decide to withdraw illusions, extend love and shorten the time it takes to reach liberation.

Worldly Seeking:

When you feel as if you are saying something, it’s out of a sense of lack, but when you are aware that you’re not really capable of saying (or typing) anything, the words come from a sense of wholeness and extend only love.


Giving up the pleasures of this world is not really a sacrifice. It only appears to be a sacrifice because of forgetting what ecstasy is beyond this world, and unwillingness to recognize that all worldly pleasures actually lead to pain.

When worldly pleasures are no longer sought after, it’s not as if there are no pleasurable acts taking place. There is just non-attachment to those acts and no sense of yearning for them.

Everything gets used for going deeper into union with your spirit, which is the greatest joy.


This world is for resolving the thought of separation, forgiving perceived trespasses and for recognizing perfect peace.

Use this world for another purpose and it will bring you suffering, followed by death, because you asked for illusions rather than the truth.


Seeking abundance in the world is the way you sacrifice your inheritance in exchange for struggle and strife.


The mind’s attraction to judgment is what makes the illusion of predators and their victims.

The lion will lie down with the lamb and everyone will reflect only gentleness as soon we decide to look past our mistaken perceptions and accept reality as it is.


If it seems as if you’re surprised at another person’s inadequacy, you’re not.

That’s self doubt in disguise, projecting as if you expected someone else to do better.


Ego supports your attempts to “undo ego programming” as long as you are also committed to believing that you have an ego.


Wanting different things is symbolic of your desire for union with your spirit, and identifying with wanting is what keeps that holy desire covered up.

The ego is dependent on your wanting for its survival because when you get the experience of spirit’s desire for you and your desire for spirit, it’s such an ecstatic courtship that you’ll never want for sex or anything else ever again.


The fact that you are egoless is blasphemy to the ego, whose survival is totally dependent on your decision to identify with it.

Body Illusion:

Losing something isn’t sad unless you permitted your mind to develop a craving for it in the first place.

Even after the fact, you can undo the craving and its sad effect, if you’re willing to admit that you’re making it up.


Intelligence assigned to the body is a fundamental error that results in illusions of physical pain and death.

Nothing that you seem to accomplish for the body is lasting and believing that you are accomplishing anything for the body makes it seem vulnerable to the environment, food, poverty and other worldly effects.

The body is neither vulnerable nor invulnerable and it cannot communicate. The body is a projection of mind and it’s given the meaning assigned to it by the mind.

If the mind is willing to use the body only for communicating love, the body will only be an expression of love, and not of disease nor of death.

To correct the fundamental error, offer a little bit of willingness to be given a different interpretation in the moment the body seems to have intelligence or autonomy.


Sexual healing is an unattainable goal because sexuality itself is a projection of a sick mind.

Sexuality doesn’t need to be avoided, nor does it need to be healed because either way, it’s just an attempt to avoid the underlying problem.

True Identity:

You can’t love what is until you know what is.

Seeking to love your illusions of reality is pointless.

To recognize reality takes denying truth to everything that denies the presence of love.


You are the beloved of eternity, the only one who can truly hold you.

Seeking to be held out as special makes you feel lonely, and that feeling will persist until you choose the one who loves all of you.


There is a difference between taking your behavior as a lesson and taking it as a mistake.

What’s seen as your behavior is only the form of your curriculum, which can never be mistaken.

Whereby the only lesson is innocence, taking yourself as someone who is capable of mistaken behavior is not only a mistake, but it makes learning more difficult and appear to take longer in time.


It doesn’t matter what you seem to be choosing.

I love you soooo much and I think you are doing awesome.

If you’re willing to receive that, you will feel better, guaranteed.

Go ahead, you deserve it.


If you perceive something, you are projecting it.

It’s kinda like the saying goes, when someone claims they smell a fart in a group of people: “The one who smelled it, dealt it.” 😆

Makes it all so simple, loving and fun!


If you are not wholly joyful, nothing is wrong with you and nothing is wrong with the world.

You are the truth and the world is an expression of a self denying concept, which cannot really affect you.

All that’s wrong is that your thinking has been led astray.

Simply admitting that you have been mistaken opens you to the kind of guidance that leads back to who you are.


You can’t actually do anything. All doing is taking care of itself. 🎉

Any time spent as a doer or projecting doership onto others is time spent keeping the truth hidden from your sight. 💐


Your mood is determined by the thoughts you choose to make meaningful, not by anyone’s behavior.


How to heal with a person who insists on making you wrong:
Instead of allowing yourself to become convinced that they are wrong, admit that you are misperceiving so that you can get the message behind the show of insanity.
While their words may be guided by the ego, the speaker is always right in that the ego is not real and it’s impossible for anyone’s mind to be insane. Those who appear to be making you wrong are dreaming along with you of a world where separate bodies come to suffer and die.
When you perceive a person making you wrong, let it be a sign that they have a gift of awareness for you. That gift is in the feeling reaction that you get out of perceiving them.
It’s an opportunity to demonstrate to your own mind that the dream is not reality. To seize that opportunity takes willingness to have your perception corrected, which cannot occur while you insist that you already seeing them clearly.
So, the key is in denying the truth of what you are perceiving so that you can accept what’s true about them, which allows your mind to accept what’s true about you.
Only by accepting them as wholly sane, loving, innocent and peaceful in your mind, can you likewise accept yourself. Because you are one with them, whatever you make of them is what you make of yourself.
But when you accept the spirit’s interpretation of them, you get healed of misperception along with them. Even if you perceive them continuing to hold the image of wrongness for you, rest assured that healing has happened.
It’s not up to you how and when their healing is made manifest. The point is not to fix another person, but to get a reinterpretation of who they are so that you can recognize yourself as you are. That’s their gift to you.
Once you have accepted the reinterpretation, your work is done. So let the sense of relief that’s come over your mind be the symbol of healing.
In time, they will see you clearly as well, but ‘when’ is not up to you because time is under the control of Spirit, who uses time to teach each one of their innocence according to how much truth they can accept without fear.
Rest assured that by releasing them from your condemnation, you have brightened the light within them and they are very grateful. This is true even if they seem to hate you.
Your appreciation for them returns to you for all that you are. Keep beaming the light of truth. You are so loved!


None of them can be trusted individually.

All of them can be trusted indivisibly.


To place trust in individuals is to teach yourself that you can be hurt by them..a sinister teaching.


Whatever you are willing to perceive in another you are secretly willing to strengthen within yourself.


Con artists show up when you’ve been pursuing thoughts of desperation.

The best way to deal with a perceived con artist is laughter because lightheartedness allows you to find out what you’ve been desperate about, and to teach yourself that thoughts of desperation never lead to anything that you want.

On the other hand, if you pursue the idea that you’ve been victimized, the attraction to thoughts of desperation remains unhealed, which manifests more illusions of con artists. Is that what you really want?


If you want to be happy and have harmonious relationships, don’t try to convince anyone that they are something that you would find offensive.


The entering and exiting of people in your life is not really your choice or theirs.

The stories you make about why they come and go are pure fantasy.

Let each encounter be used only for healing and all of your relating with be wholly satisfying.


The only relationship you can ever have is with your source.
When you realize this, all of your worldly relating will be wholly satisfying.


Everything and everyone is neutral. 🌹

You decide whether they attest to guilt or innocence, and that decision comes from what you were willing to see within yourself first.


People cannot project onto you. They can only reflect your hidden self-belief.

It’s not their expression, but your reaction to their expression that reveals what you’ve been trying to keep hidden from your sight.

Every moment you spend denying that they are capable of projecting onto you is a moment devoted to clarity and healing. It engenders self-compassion which casts out fear of looking upon what’s causing your reaction.

The instant the cause of reacting is revealed, sanity is restored, which manifests as feeling a deeper sense of love and relaxation than you’ve ever known before.

So bless your companion because you cannot escape your insanity without them.


Guilty feeling is the effect of choosing against yourself.

It’s like a compass, letting you know that by your choice to make illusions true, you have distanced yourself from what’s really true.


The Unwitting Sexualization of Children
Many parents unwittingly sexualize their children because they are afraid of the child having sex too young or being sexually abused, and they don’t know how to take care of their fear. This is not about trying to avoid fearful effects, it’s about healing what causes fearful effects to manifest in the first place.
The root cause of fearful effects is fear, and the only way to eliminate fearful effects is to see that their cause has no basis in reality.
Specifically, our mind is programmed with an “ego”, which guides us to project fearful feelings and then try to avoid them. When the parent dwells in fear over their child being exposed to sex, ego guides the parent to project images that effectively sexualize the child in the parent’s mind, to relate with the world as if the image they hold of the child is really true, and to make agendas to keep the child safe.
Such agendas cause conflict between parent and child at a minimum while increasing the likelihood that the parent’s fears will be played out. Once the child has been sexualized in the parent’s mind, notwithstanding all of the avoidance strategies, the parent’s mind has been programmed to see that the image they believe in is made manifest. That image and trajectory deny the child’s inherent innocence and invulnerability, which causes the child to feel guilty and react fearfully.
To avoid sexualizing your child or to undo what you’ve already made of them, take care of your fearful feelings about your child being exposed to sex. If the child asks about sex, give them honest answers, but don’t make a big deal of it, or try to control them about it.
If you find out that your child has been masturbating, watching porn or engaging in some sexual behavior, and that triggers upset feelings in you, take care of your feelings instead of justifying them, especially in front of your child. In this way, the child will not be afraid to confide in you if anything feels uncomfortable or scary to them.
That kind of confidence and freedom makes children far less susceptible to peer pressure, to playing victim to sexual predators, or to playing the role of sexual predator. It also protects them from developing a guilt complex about feeling sexual or about having sexual encounters.
If you find out that your child has been playing the role of sexual predator, take care of your feelings so that you can communicate with them. In this way, you can help them uncover and heal the guilty thought process that’s responsible for making them act out as a predator.
If you find out that your child has been playing the role of sexual victim, again, take care of your feelings so that you can communicate with them. In this way, you can help them uncover and heal the guilty thought process that’s responsible for making them into a victim.
I understand that this is a sensitive subject for people, and that’s because pursuant to the ego’s guidance, our mind is conditioned to keep fearful programs protected so that they can continue to justify feeling fearful. That’s how ego prevents us from finding out that there is really no basis for the fearful feeling and no need for ego at all.
As feeling fearful gets healed instead of getting projected, it’s our children who are getting the benefit of our mind’s protection instead of the ego’s fearful program. In addition, love gets extended and harmony prevails between parent and child.
How do you take care of your feelings? Notice when an uncomfortable or painful feeling arises in your body and just offer a little bit of willingness to admit that the feeling is a projection of your own confusion. In this way, your mind learns how to accept healing for your perception instead of using your perception to keep the cause of feeling fearful hidden from your sight.

Being suspicious of yourself makes you suspicious of your kid’s motives and competency.

If you trust in your mis-interpretation of your child, you hold them to the same limitations you’ve made for yourself.

But if you’re just a little bit willing to see that you are self projecting, your perception of yourself and them will get healed.


No child deserves to feel remorse, no matter what they seem to have done.

Are you willing to protect their innocence, and yours?

Or would you rather keep remorse and make more “evidence” that remorse is justified.


The number one teaching that came through on my book signing today was for the parent to be assured that they cannot get it wrong.
Specifically, when a parent feels guilty, including remorseful or regretful, their energy becomes self-punishing, which in turn causes the parent to act out punishing scenarios with their children.
Even if the parent seems to exert control over their own actions, if guilt cooks beneath the surface, consciousness is bound to make self-punishing manifestations.
But any parent or person who is even a little bit willing to recognize that they cannot get it wrong, will learn how to heal the mistaken self-belief faster, and with a lot less effort.

You asked for escape from depression, greed and death, and the child has come to show the way.

Use them to instill your trust in the illusions of this world, and you will “protect” yourself from recognizing their gentle guidance.


When the parent cannot see how to allow freedom for themselves, they cannot help but put restrictions on their kids.

I’m not here to tell parents to give their kids more freedom. I’m here to show parents how to free themselves from their own perceived limitations.

I’ve recently taken on a child whose parents do not feel free enough to extend freedom to their child. However, the parents did feel free enough to send their child to me so that I can extend freedom to him. For that, I’m very grateful.

The child is conditioned in such a way that he unwittingly uses his energy to get someone to feel annoyed with him so that they will put restrictions on him.

He doesn’t like it, but that’s how he’s learned to fit in with the world he perceives to be around him.

I’m going to share how I communicate with the child and how I use my energy to help him undo that conditioning so that he can learn to relate with people from a sense of freedom and dominion.

If you feel so inspired, please join me online on Tuesday at 3pm Hawaii Time. I’ll post the Facebook invitation in the comments.


My 10-year-old nephew explained to me that he’s “too lazy” and that’s why he didn’t do what he thinks he should have done.

I let him know that I’m not buying it because it’s impossible for him to be too much of anything and “lazy” implies that he’s capable of doing things.

He doesn’t totally get what I’m saying, but it does apparently calm his anxiety and that’s good enough for me.



As you allow more gentleness for yourself, you will lose the attraction toward forcing or manipulating your kids to attend school, church, social functions, or sports.


This will almost always trigger the ego to make you out to be insane, which is likely to be demonstrated through the fearful reflections of other people.


The whole point of their fearful reflections is to make you feel threatened so that you will react out of fear and thereby demonstrate that gentleness is dangerous.


But you can also decide to use fearful reflection to demonstrate that gentleness is safe.


To do so, be willing to go through the sense of feeling threatened without defending yourself, or otherwise making fearful thoughts out to be true.


In this way, the sense of threat will give way to the sense of ultimate safety and your words and actions will emanate from that gentle state of mind.

Supporting a child’s natural creativity is far more relaxing and rewarding than forcing a curriculum on them.

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The above diagram goes with this video: Consciousness and the Manifestation Trap


Getting what you want is soooo overrated since you cannot possibly know what you really want.

Knowing that you really want whatever you get, and knowing how to use it for healing the cause of your dis-ease….That’s something to sing about.


If it’s more money that you want, it’s really poverty that you are seeking. You cannot want more money without projecting a feeling as if something is lacking.

Trying to change your feeling in order to get more money will NEVER work. That striving still comes from a place of lack. You cannot fool your mind like that. Any appearance of abundance attained this way will surely become its opposite.

Once you get disillusioned by false abundance enough times, you will give up the quest for worldly treasures to accept the treasure that is not subject to conditions of any kind.


You cannot perceive yourself or anyone else as anxious, confused, angry, panicked, suspicious or sick unless you are making yourself guilty.

Do not ask for relief from the results of guilt unless you want to make more results. Instead ask what’s causing you to make yourself guilty.

When you find out, you will naturally change your mind and the results will follow.


Judgment is impossible for any of us. If you perceive judgment, whether in yourself or in others, it’s only your perception that needs correcting.

Pointing out perceived judgments as if they are in need of correcting makes judgment into a reality for you, which is a setup for perceiving more judgments.


You are not capable of judgment because you are not the ego.

If I perceived judgment in you and tried to correct it, that’s only because I saw it in myself first, and forgot to laugh. That was my mistake.

If you are looking to engage as if you are capable of judgment, you have my blessing, but not my participation.



No one has an ego. In fact, ego doesn’t really exist. Ego is a fearful thought program that we set up in the mind to bait us into conflict.

Why did we set up the ego? To keep us distracted so that we don’t find out that the world we are perceiving is only held together by guilt and fear of punishment.

There is no need to provoke the ego or try to change its way of thinking. Ego is not capable of change.

In time, ego will be made obsolete, not through force or fighting, but through gentle recognition that we can allow conflict to pass us by and choose peace instead.




Ego is not in the manifestation. The manifestation is innocent.

Ego is the sinister guide in your mind that leads you to make parts of the manifestation out to lack innocence.

You can have a peaceful and true interpretation instead.

You can choose to overlook the ego’s guidance and be led by the one who can vouch for your innocence and who knows the way back to sanity.


The Divine only knows itself. It doesn’t know your perceived limitations or visions of debauchery.

You are Divine. When you make your perceptions true, you temporarily lose touch with yourself.


You are nowhere to be found in this world. You are completely apart from it.

This world is projected from your mind and nothing that happens here affects you.

It’s you who affect this world by the way you choose to regard yourself in relation to it.

You can choose to welcome all of your apparent fear, anxiety, anger and sadness as opportunities to bring your light to the darkness; or you can use the darkness to blot out your light.

If you choose to blot our your light, no worries! Well, it will actually multiply your worries, but that’s okay.

That mental condition can’t last forever because the light is within you, always informing you who you are and what this world is really for.


This world is superimposed between our awareness and our mind’s true reality.

Undoing the projected story of self that causes the worldly veil is our only real responsibility.


Being is having it all.

Because you took a mistaken thought about yourself seriously, you wanted to make yourself unaware of being, and so you made yourself believe that getting means having more and giving means having less.

But because of who you are, giving actually increases what you have and getting is totally meaningless.

Are you interested in becoming aware of being again? Then notice what makes you aware of being an object, and deny truth to that.


The most ungrounding thought is the one about the illusory world being real.

It makes you project images of unfairness, destruction, anger and pain and then resist against those things as if they didn’t just come from you.


The illusory world is held together by resistance, which leads people to seek and find something to resist.

Let them have their resistance. It’s not going to involve you unless you are also seeking for something to resist.


You are NOT of the Earth. You are NOT made of matter, but thinking you are makes it so, and that puts you at odds with other material objects.


What’s called life on Earth is based on fear of death. The whole experience is predicated on a desire for death to escape the hidden guilt of having separated from reality.

Everyone has this mental disease, although some are better at covering it up than others. The trouble is that no one really dies, and an apparent death doesn’t release anyone from the pain of guilt.

The solution for our common dis-ease is in healing the hidden self-belief, which can only occur through our relationships, by demonstrating innocence where projecting guilt seems to be the only option.


Every illusion really does benefit you because you are aware of it, and either you know how to listen to guidance on how to use it for healing the insanity in your mind, or you are learning how to do that.


A sick mind causes people to drink, drug, or otherwise consume excessively so that guilt can be demonstrated by making the body and mind out to be sick from the effects of excessive consumption.

But the real cause of both illusions of excessive consumption and illusions of physical symptoms is only the innocent mind making itself sick by taking guilty thoughts as if they are true.

Compassion is the key to healing the illusion of overconsumption (whether for yourself or for others in your perception), not making the illusion of excessive consumption true and focusing on that as if it’s not an effect of an underlying problem in your own mind.

Because the only problem is guilty self-belief, healing what makes illusions of problems occurs through willingness to protect the innocent body and mind from being attacked mentally by your guilty self projections.

Self Doubt:

It’s common to doubt yourself when you find yourself not being able to follow the spiritual teachings you’ve been sharing with others.

But that self-doubt is not really justified because what you perceive of yourself is just some errant thought process coming to the surface.

What you seem to have taught in the past isn’t really in the past. It’s being offered to you right now.

You will be able to follow that spiritual guidance when you’re willing to recognize that you’re not really the one faltering.

Worry comes from believing you are unworthy of peace.

It’s got nothing to do with what seems to be happening. Nothing happens.


Unwillingness to admit responsibility for all that you perceive makes you into a victim of your own perceptions, which are not just occurring to you randomly.

Your perceptions are orchestrated mentally by you to demonstrate the effects of believing that you are separate from love.

Perceiving fearful people and situations is not meant as a punishment. It’s meant as an opportunity to dismantle the defenses to love that you have constructed out of guilt and fear of punishment.

How do you dismantle your defensiveness to being who you are? Admit responsibility for all that you perceive, instead of trusting in worldly evidence that “proves” things happen to you randomly, without your authority.

If it’s capable of being threatened, it was never really sacred.

It was only propped up as something sacred for the purpose of seducing the innocent into worshipping at the alter of fear.

The whole world becomes sacred when it’s used for restoring the mind’s true reality.

The whole world becomes sacrilege when any part is separated out and deemed sacred or sacrilege on its own, because that holds you out as something that can be threatened while giving power to things that seem to threaten you.

The world is innocent and neutral. You decide whether it’s used for self-exaltation or self desecration.


No one is capable of doing anything in your perception without your authority. Find out what motivates you to make them out as if they are acting against you, and be free.


When someone seems to be reacting to you in fear, it’s not time to teach them a spiritual concept. It’s time to take care of that fearful feeling that’s arising in you and projecting outward as if something is lacking.

That’s how we heal together. It’s not by getting people to validate our concepts. In fact, all concepts are meaningless in light of what’s true, and so the truth cannot be shared conceptually.

Truth is only shared by extension from the mind that’s willing to abandon concepts in favor of communion.


All you need is love, but not the kind of love that turns to fear when your seeming needs to go unmet.


When you seem to be doing battle, are you grateful to the ones you seem to be battling against for innocently playing their roles, thus making it possible for you to play yours?

Or are you making yourself out to be righteous and them out to be acting without your authority?

One way of doing battle cures the insanity and the other multiplies it.


If people seem to accuse you of being out of integrity, that’s not without your authority. It’s like you asked them and they agreed to set you up like that so you could bring that dark idea about yourself to the light of your awareness.

Don’t analyze yourself to see if you agree with the accusation unless you want that dark idea to keep on making painful illusions for you. The proper response to any perceived accusation is only gratitude.


Because the only problem is guilty self-belief, healing what makes illusions of problems occurs through willingness to protect the innocent body and mind from being attacked mentally by your guilty self projections.


Correction of Errors

When it seems as if your kid made an error, and you’re willing to see that the only error is only in your perception, your perception gets corrected.

But if you make your kid’s error real and then try to correct it, the error in your perception gets protected, thus setting up your kid to make more errors in your perception.

All of your kid’s apparent errors get corrected naturally, as a result of you taking care of the upset feelings that cause you to perceive your kid darkly.

There’s no need to control whether you apparently help your kid do things better. This is not about action.

This is about watching your mind. Are you trusting in the appearance that your kid is acting on their own, or are you willing to be responsible for your perception of them?

Your kid will learn what they need to learn faster and easier without you making your perception of their errors real.

So it’s perfectly safe to bring worries, fears and other upset feelings to your inner teacher in order to learn your lessons, instead of avoiding your lessons by making yourself responsible for your kid’s learning process.


Conventional thinking would have us continue projecting illusions of bad people who pose threats to our children rather than support us in finding out how to protect our children by eliminating what causes illusions of bad people and threatening behavior in the first place.


Before they took on an apparent birth, your kids learned that they were guilty for having separated themselves from reality.
Their mortal body and its world are the effects of that self-taught lesson.

You can help them and yourself return your awareness to reality through your willingness to protect your shared innocence even when projecting guilt seems to be the only option.


Fear of death is what causes you to become impatient.

It’s not that your child needs to hurry up or otherwise change their behavior.

You can choose to allow compassion for that fearful feeling instead of projecting it as if the problem is with your child.

If you feel disrespected by your kid or anyone else, it’s a sign that you’re presently disrespecting yourself and you don’t want to see it.

In fact, you want to project it so that you can prevent yourself from seeing it.

If you are just a little bit willing to observe this mechanism, it will be revealed and healed.


Your kids cannot really break anything or mess things up. It’s only your mind making that illusion.

You choose whether or not to make the illusion true. One is a choice for guilt and the other for innocence.

When you demonstrate that your child isn’t capable of breaking anything or messing things up, not only do they get to learn about what’s true from you, but your own perception gets a healing, thus shortening time and bringing Heaven closer to your awareness.