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Money as a Healing Device

Making the effects of money real and then saying “I don’t need money” is like saying “I don’t need air” and trying to get by without breathing. It’s painful and scary!

Both statements are true because you are only dreaming that you are something that has needs.

However, in dreaming there is an apparent need for some medium of exchange, which is made into an object of poverty when you add resistance to it.

“I don’t need money…”

In fact, the statement “I don’t need money” becomes an affirmation of poverty because your mind interprets that as “I need money, which I don’t have”. 

So how do you use the perception of money to undo what causes illusions of poverty?

Watch how you feel when money-related thoughts occur to you. If you’re perceiving anything other than gratitude, it’s an opportunity for healing the cause of misperception. Hooray!!

To seize the opportunity, deny any truth to the thoughts being projected out of the non-gratitude feeling. (instead of denying that you need money).

Indeed, one form of denial is worthy of you, and the other is totally unworthy. One form demonstrates your infinite abundance and the other protects illusions of poverty.

The truth needs nothing and you are the truth. You are the only one who can accept the gifts of undoing what you thought you were.

Cure to the Predatory Mind

Child predators are made from fear of what can happen to children, which is rooted in guilty self-belief.

The cure for child predators is awareness that your thoughts have the power that you give them to make images that report back to you that what you thought is the concrete truth.

Practically, how healing for the predatory mind works is when you find yourself thinking of child predators or any child being in danger, ask yourself “Is this thought loving?”

Note that a loving thought is equally loving to all. It doesn’t evaluate one person as a predator or another as a vulnerable. That’s because in love, everyone is innocent and incapable of harming or being harmed.

You don’t have to do anything to change an unloving thought to loving. All it takes is a little willingness to admit that you must have evaluated wrongly, and your mind is changed for you.

When you admit that you must have evaluated wrongly, you will get the feeling effect of the fearful thought that was projecting outward, which will be emotionally painful.

Embracing that kind of pain is what allows the change to occur in your mind, which protects your children better than any worldly method you can come up with.

Even embracing emotional pain doesn’t require that you do anything. You only have to admit that the pain is caused by an unloving thought instead of agreeing with thought that says the emotional pain is justified by something that’s actually true.

Don’t worry about what you will do in your dream to protect your children. The nature of dreaming is that it’s occurring automatically.

Your responsibility is only to recognize that it is a dream and all power over the events of your dream comes from the way you choose to have the images in the dream interpreted.

There’s plenty of talk about wanting to stop child predators, but most people are unwittingly multiplying predators and putting their children in danger.

Isn’t it time for a solution that actually works?