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Communication Is An Inside Job

Communication is beyond words. It’s the way of demonstrating to your own mind that you are Divine and invulnerable to worldly effects.

Whenever you find yourself wanting communication it’s because you’re already projecting yourself as limited and vulnerable, whilst imagining that someone outside of you is responsible for your feeling separate.

People can feel you. When you think you are wanting communication, what you are really looking for is an argument because you are already in an argument with yourself.

Your kids and other people pick up on that, and unless they are looking for an argument like you, it’s going to look like they are avoiding you.

So, when you feel avoided, you can make a conscious choice to get that feeling effect instead of pursuing communication with a person. When you are willing to get that feeling effect, it demonstrates to your mind that you are willing to learn how to truly communicate even in the midst of perceiving that communication is lacking.

As you rediscover your ability to communicate truly, you will rejoice with every appearance of you wanting communication and not getting it, because of the opportunity it presents for demonstrating who you really are, and thereby allowing your mistaken self-belief to get corrected.

As you enjoy your ability to communicate more and more, your mind will become calm and clear as a result.

In the outer world, your kids and others will seem respond with willingness to communicate with you, without your insistence that they do.

Abundant Inspiration

That it takes money to live in the world is a concept that is totally irrelevant in reality. However, it’s common to continuously teach that concept to children so that it maintains its effectiveness in the world.

No one lives in the world. It’s the world that lives in and is supported by the imagination.

Just because you may be living through learned allegiance to the meaningless concept of money does not mean you are obligated to force that concept on children as if it’s a reality.

Freeing yourself from money prison and living from abundant inspiration begins with admitting to yourself that you must be mistaken whenever it appears to you that money is a real issue.

Money isn’t bad or wrong. It’s only a mental device that’s used to demonstrate how your self-belief makes you feel. Money has no meaning right now other than that which you are giving it in the form of thought projection.

The thought that it takes money to live in the world or to live comfortably is a projection of a fearful feeling that’s born of fearful self-belief. Some extrapolations of that thought include “it costs too much”, “I can’t afford it” and “I need to be more responsible with money”.

Healing the root of the problem, which is fearful self-belief, only takes willingness to feel the effect of fearful self-belief instead of teaching it, as if it’s actually true. In this way, the projecting gets cut off so that it doesn’t feed the underlying self-belief.

Don’t worry about your actions. They are coming automatically to reflect how your self-belief makes you feel. Keep choosing feeling over projecting (teaching yourself fearful concepts), and your children will learn from your example how to live from inspiration rather than from oppression.