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Parenting – Healthy Choices

Blog post on Parenting - Healthy Choices

Did you know that when your kid gets a tummy ache and you blame it on food, your child learns (just like you did as a child) to accept that they are vulnerable to worldly effects?

You may be thinking that it would be irresponsible not to inform your kid what caused them to get a tummy ache because that’s how they learn to choose foods that are healthier for their bodies. But get this, just because you think the food caused the tummy ache doesn’t make it so.

In fact, just having the perception of a tummy ache indicates an unhealthy mind. The body cannot be healthy or unhealthy because it is a benign projection of the mind that dreams it.

Any world where it seems like there is a choice between different foods is a dream world manufactured in your mind and projected onto consciousness. While it’s utterly impossible for one dream figure (food) to have an effect on another dream figure (body), that you can make believe that food affects bodies and experience the effects of that belief is self-evident.

Real – Healthy Choices

Whilst the writer would agree that it’s good to know what causes your child to get a tummy ache so that you can help them make healthier choices, first you need to know what they are really capable of choosing. That your child (or anyone else) can make a choice about what food they eat is only an illusion of choice.

But there is one choice that everyone can and will learn to choose from within both waking and nighttime dreams that not only protects them from getting tummy aches but which will eventually awaken them from dreaming altogether.

Only in dreams are tummy aches possible. In reality, tummy aches and all other aches and pains are impossible. In fact, all dreaming is caused by the sense of being vulnerable to death, which is the effect of a mind that mistakenly took itself to be guilty of separating itself from reality.

That’s why all dreaming, including nighttime dreams, leads to death unless the dreamer wakes up before death occurs.  

If you want to help your child wake up from their dream of death, you will choose to deny that dream effects, like food can affect other dream effects, like their body. But if you wish to help your child continue progressing toward death, you will choose to hold worldly cause and effect as if it’s a reality.

There is no right or wrong choice, but the choice between life and death is the only choice you can and do make from moment to moment.

In time, you will choose life. Perhaps that time is now.

Heaven is Not a Dream

Image - Heaven is not a dream.

I’ve heard several spiritual teachers attest to having entered Heaven, nirvana or eternal bliss whilst they still appear to be embodied.

But what they have really entered is a happier version of dreaming.

I get that these lovely people do believe they have found Heaven because happy dreaming stands in stark contrast to its opposite.

However, Heaven does not include the density that comes along with perceiving bodies and believing that they have made it to Heaven actually prevents them from taking it all the way by undoing the thought that causes bodies and the material world to occur at all.

Behind the idea of having entered Heaven whilst the body and world are still being made manifest is the secret belief in being unworthy of Heaven, and the secret wish to extend time and go through more cycles of birth and death.

Those who are drawn to such teachers also want to find Heaven whilst keeping the body sense because of their attraction to feeling unworthy of actual Heaven.

In fact, stopping at the happy dream and calling it Heaven is a call for punishment because happy dreaming eventually leads back to its opposite if the time spent in that phase is not used to undo the thought of separation.

Heaven is only available here and now

It’s true that Heaven is only available here and now, but if anyone is able to perceive you as embodied in this dream world, your mind is still being projected in consciousness, which is way, way off from Heaven.

My invitation to you is don’t stop! Keep undoing the guilty thought upon which our bodies and this world are made manifest, no matter how happy your dreaming appears to become.

Because no matter how happy the dream that includes birth and death seems to be, it’s meaningless compared to the ecstatic joy of having your mind restored to actual Heaven.

For God so Loved the World…?

Image of Jesus - Blog post, For God so Loved the World...?

The most popular verse in the Bible, John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

This verse also, is the verse people use most often to make themselves feel guilty.

Most people take this verse to mean that God gave his separate son, Jesus as a sacrificial lamb for the rest of us sinners. This is the interpretation that humans at the time naturally took to be the correct interpretation because they did not have “eyes to see” or “ears to hear.”

Perhaps if one comma was omitted, and one word was added, it would help people understand the meaning of this verse, like this

“For God so loved the world that he gave to his only begotten Son…”

Still, there are a couple of terms that need to be defined to help with understanding the mystical meaning of this verse.

Firstly “the world” is not the world we are dreaming and taking to be reality. If God loves a world where his only Son comes to die, that hardly makes God loving. It makes God vengeful and scary. What kind of father would give death to his son?

Truly, God gave his only Son the real world, which is like God and like the Son he created in his image.

The world God gave to his only Son does not include death, disease, conflict or anything else that speaks to vengeance.

The world we perceive is not created by God, but made up by a mind that’s confused about its own identity.

Second, “only begotten Son.” God has only one Son, so who the heck do you think you are? The idea that Jesus is a separate Son that God created apart from you and me is just an excuse to find yourself guilty and hold yourself out as an image in a dying world.

Because you secretly and mistakenly believe that you separated yourself from God, you have chosen again and again to uphold this world as the one God created, thus keeping you in ignorance of the world that God actually created for you, and which world is your true inheritance.

To undo this world of sin and death, and accept your true inheritance takes believing in the God of Love instead of the false god of fear.

Are you open to this reinterpretation now? If so, you have already changed course and your mind is set in the direction of Reality.

If not, no worries. You are still on the path to Reality. Your path just includes some more guilty meandering in dreams of dis-ease and death, until you change your mind.